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I lost (I KNOW) my mobile phone last month during holidays out of germany, but i still have my card and my O2 contract etc... the thing is, i really can´t afford a new mobile, so i´d like to find shops where i can buy (hopefully really cheap) second hand ones or just "free" my old mobile phone...

soo, if anyone has a clue, i´d be very grateful. thanx!
There is a shop near the Hauptbahnhof somewhere called "Second Handy". Apparently, so I've been told you can get a replacement handy for about 40 Euros. Don't k now if that's correct or what the phone would be like but it's a start anyway. I couldn't find it on google but the address and telephone number are on just type in "second handy" in the search thingy.
There are atleast 8 2nd hand handy stores around Hbf.. Take your pick and bargin with'em...
I bought my last mobile from eBay. Cheap, quick and works well.
it'll cost you at least 50 smackers for a phone from one of them second hand shops, IME
not sure what it costs at ebay...
Well, if you don't buy at a shop, they start at 1 Euro and go up from there...
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