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I need to find a beauty salon that does eyebrows - preferably waxing. I don't know if any beauty salon in Munich does eyebrow waxing, most of them seem to only pluck.

If anyone knows of a place in Schwabing, Maxvorstadt or surrounding areas please let me know!
I was told they wax eyebrows at Ludwig Beck in the salon area, but I've not called to ask. I think you're right, most only pluck.
The Pony Club does waxing, but I don´t know how much they charge or where they are located really. Sorry, If you find a good place let me know. I could use a good waxing before summer arrives.
search for waxing and then call up some of those salons recommended. i know the lady i went to waxes pretty much everything. maybe she'll do your eyebrows too.
Salon Annegrett on Englschalkinerstr, Claire the hairdress/cosmetologist, is britsh, and does all kinds of waxing... I should make an appointment with her. Sorry, no number - to lazy to look it up.
God I hate to see an otherwise attractive girl with trimmed eyebrows. Does guys really like to see trimmed eyebrows, or has Vogue or whatever just maanged to brainwash most woman that this is the only civilised thing to do.
If its just eyebrow waxing you want, then your best bet is the Hautnah Aveda Salon in Ludwig Beck. Here's my not so good review which includes links I think to a mega useful thread from Katrina on who's who in waxing in Munich.

Another option is the Ulla Huprich Salon across from the Mandarin Oriental. There's a link around here somewhere...If your german (or portugese) is good give them a ring, they have a gal there...Melli or something like that that will both wax (if necessary) and pluck (not optional). She will also add a temporary dye for you as well, say if you're going off on holiday and can't be bothered with the brow kit. My german sucks but I had a 'hell it can always grow back' mentality and it turned out fine.

According to TT ladies, okay 3 or 4 of them over beers in a smoky bar, Unibrows is a dude "don't". Friends don't let friends eyebrows meet in the middle so listen up. Apparently, some ladies obsess over their own eyebrows (hence the mega threads on waxing) and notice it on others, girls and especially boys alike. I dont know what the line is... i wouldn't want to see guys with "shaped" brows for sure but maybe one of the obsessed can fill in the blanks. Don't kill the messenger. Im jet lagged and wide awake somewhere where its stupid oclock. Pluck if I care.
Ok - here' update... my eyebrows now look good!

The salon details are:

The Salon
Jeanette Boszczyk (yes she is S. African - but has been here for many years)
Mühlbaurstr. 12 (just off of Prizregentenplatz on the U4)
81677 München
Tel.: 089 4705454

Jeanette is very, very nice and obviously very well-qualified. She charged me €12 for my eybrows which she plucked and waxed a little. She tried to talk me out of waxing because she said that it can harm the sensitive skin around your eyes...but her plucking didn't hurt very much at all. Definitely, definitely recommend - she also does many other beauty treatments - see website, and her office is very comfortable, clean, etc.

She says hi to TT and thanks!

Oh, and for those of you who prefer hair removal in other areas... she does that too.

Hamid in Leopold Strasse, City Parfumerie is also pretty good.

I have been to almost every beauty parlor here in Munich and was pretty difficult to find someone to wax eyebrows. I used to go to someone but too far away till I found a guy to do this. BTW, he is gorgeous too - Iranian or something beautiful eyes. This makes the waxing less painful!

He also uses a knife (new method) to give your brows some shape. €9 all together.
There's an ad for the Feelgood Salon that pops up in that little ad box on the top right here on TT...

It's acutally in the back of a hair salon (which at the moment I forget the name of) in Schwabing. I've been going there to get my hair done and the girl who does the waxing and stuff speaks awesome english. I told her about TT so she put up the ad. I'd recommend going there...however, I have no idea about "threading".

Oh and the hair salon is great too...if anyone is looking for a good colourist let me know
I'd never heard of eyebrow threading. Here's an article: eyebrow threading

Threading is a hair removal technique that uses a cotton thread. The 100% cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted out from the follicle. It is said to be more precise than waxing.
Ahh - thanks Gen. I was having bizarre images of eyebrow extensions.
Eyebrow threading is very popular among Indians. They hold a thick, long piece of thread between their teeth and twist it around and then use it in a sawing motion across your eyebrows yanking it from the root. Its fast, painful but the shape you get is the kind from the Bollywood stars! Absolutely gorgeous! However, I think you must look for very experienced people or you might end up without eyebrows. On the other hand, I do tweezing all the time, it´s absolutely painless and I have done it a gazillion times on my friends as I have an obsession with eyebrows!!!
I have been to the Feelgood Salon and Krista is awesome. Very friendly and does an excellent job. I don't know if she does threading though, I just got my eyebrows waxed.

Highly recommended.
So has anyone found a threading place yet? I used to go to a little Indian place near my house for years. I haven't seen anything promising here yet. If anyone finds a salon, please do tell.
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