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My fiance and I have recently moved (in August) to the Frankfurt area from California, and have been looking for a husky puppy but it's proven pretty difficult. Neither of us have very many connections here, and everyone seems to be suggesting the animal shelter which hasn't had one any time we've checked. Online sites like,, (quoka), etc. have proven to be filled with a lot of hoaxes, people saying they will "ship you" the dog for the money. Does anyone know of a reputable breeder or source where I could possibly find one? Thank you for your help!
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If you're set on a husky pup, you may need to look further afield than just Frankfurt or Germany. We were quite set on getting a Japanese Spitz, and had to contact breeders all around Europe (found them by googling) as we could find only 2 breeders in Germany, and their dogs weren't particularly good. We ended up deciding on a breeder in Denmark, who was prepared to either fly the puppy in to us here, or drive and meet us half way.

That being said, the litter ended up being stillborn, so we ended up getting a rescue dog from Spain. I would definitely recommend going down this route if your heart isn't completely set on a husky. There are a number of organisations here who rescue dogs and puppies from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria etc, get them vet checked/vaccinnated/microchipped and fly them to foster homes in Germany, including Frankfurt, for re-homing. Some are purebred, some are crosses, and others are just mutt. Loving dogs at a fraction of the price.
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