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Wonder if anyone can help?

Sent a package back to UK through Deutsche Post (who I believe use DHL). Asked if I could trace the package, woman behind the counter said yes, it's automatic with all packages. Just go to and enter in your Einlieferungsnummer on the receipt type thing you get given back.

Had a go but couldn't do it! None of the track and trace options recognise my Einlieferungsnummer as a valid number!!!

Anyone ever been able to do this?
This is a trick the Deutsche Post plays on you, just like they say they "came" to your apartment but you weren't there, so they "left" a "friendly" notice saying you can come pick it up at your "convenience". But if you don't come get it within like, 3 hours, they send it back to the sender and they (or you, if it's an eBay item), once again, have to pay postage.
Small Town Boy
Ooh ooh, is this going to turn into a Deutsche Post-bashing thread? If so, I want in! I think Deutsche Post are the devil in disguise... their colour should be red not yellow.

In specific response to Pieman's question though: sorry, no idea. Just a minor detail about the DHL thing though, DHL is owned by Deutsche Post.
They are the devil. I've tried to use their "tracking" to no avail. I've also signed up for their "Lagerservice" to have them hold my mail while I was away for 6 weeks. Not only did I come home to a mailbox jam-packed ridiculously full, but they insisted that my mail was held (though they had no 'held' mail to prove it) and refused to refund my payment for the service they never provided. Fuckers.
I think i had the same problem when trying to track my package via the website. It had a peculiar way of entering the tracking number which i found by trial and error. If forgot what i did. If you give the tracking number as it is listed on the bill... i can try it out again.

Another nice lii'l story on DHL:

Some time ago, we tried to send an important package via overnight courier to Minsk in Belorussia for the negligible price of 50 Euro. A few days later, someone rings at the door. It turns out to be a Russian woman living in Munich who had sent a package to someone in Moscow. Her package never arrived there, instead the person in Moscow got our package (I believe their package never turned up anywhere). So DHL not only delivered to the wrong person, they didn't even manage to send it to the right country! It took them a few months (and the exchange of several angry letters) to at least refund the 50 Euro.
Small Town Boy
My favourite happened about a year ago, when two parcels arrived for me on the same day, but when I wasn't at home. The postman left one card saying that there was one parcel waiting to be collected from the post office. So off I went and collected the one parcel. Of course, the second parcel was sitting right next to that one on the shelf of the post office, but because the card said one parcel, that's all I got.

More Deutsche Post whinges:
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The same thing happened with me also. I had sent a Packet to UK by Deutsche Post , even paid 7 Euros extra for Express Delivery, apart from 17 Euros for the Packet.

When I called up UK, to confirm the delivery of the Packet, and heard a 'NO', I called up Deutsche Post, and realised that, the packet cant be tracked on Internet. But, he confirmed that, it was delivered yesterday, at 09:18 hrs. I wonder, where the hell did he get this time???

I asked, whether, he can confirm me the same in writing which he denied, and said, it would be possible only, if I raise a ticket, and gave me the ticket number.

The crazy part is that, I have to wait for 3-4 weeks to hear anything about this ticket!

You cant even have a Delivery Receipt (Rückshein), if you are sending a packet to UK or Netherlands. I wonder how these people survive here???

Hello friends...

I am in a fix, my mother sent me a parcel from India on more than 2 weeks before. I am yet to receive it. Is there a chance i lost it??? What can I do to find out the status...will it help going to the post office...?

i sent one packet to my sister New zealnd and its going to b 2 weeks tomw, not gtn thr yet...hw long does it normally take by regular post???

They are presents...i hope they arent getting ne1 help me???
Depending how it was sent, two weeks from India is not long. Only the sender can track a parcel (or at least has access to tracking detail on the shipping receipt), assuming they have used a shipping route where tracking is possible, Cheaper postal services do not maintain continuous tracking.
You also seem to have lost several letters from your keyboard. I can't be bothered to figure out what you wanted to write, so can't help.
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cn ne1 help me???
Sure, here you go: English language school

Regarding your parcel, if that was sent by land then it could take months, so I'd sit down and calm down if I were you.
Johnny English
Deutsche Post are indeed a comedy operation - I know because I send hundreds of parcels with them every week. Two weeks to Ireland is pretty standard, hell it often takes 7-10 days just to London!

All I can say about your item from India is I hope it is not something you wanted for Christmas.

And yes they give you a tracking number, but they are just teasing you - you cannot actually do anything with it - it is just a bluff so they "look" like a proper courier.
They lose packages a lot as well. I am still waiting for administrative processes of my lost 1800 euro camera i sent to hamburg. Three weeks no reply yet !
Johnny English
Actually I gotta step in again here. They do not lose packages a lot. I have sent thousands and thousands in the last 12 months, and maybe no more than a couple have actually "disappeared" and these may be down to dishonest customers or postal services at the country of destination.

But they can be bloody slow.
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