Most beautiful female names German

Which names for girls do you like best?

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Hello mates

What are the most beautiful girl names in German. I want to know the meaning as well...

Just write name - meaning

No queries pls

Propellor Head
Erica - Heather. Works well in many languages.
Charlotte - a good name, nice shortened, still business like if necessary, female form of Charles
Nina - because that's what my family calls me for short it is Russian, short for Anna or Antonia or from the Greek Ninos? Only my closest relatives call me by that name, no-one else (and sometimes that's shortened to Neen)
Flower names are nice too - Rosi...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Chose yourself what you think is beautiful.

Personaly, I like names with mostly voiced consonants. In other words with B, L, M, N, V, Z.

Isabella, Linnea, Veronica, Anna, Linda, Lydia, etc. sound very nice and roll off the tongue, but might not be too German.

Please stay away from names that have a lot of hard 'G's or 'H's.
Gertrude, Gunhild, Gretchen, Hildegard, Helga. They are ugly (to me) and sound like some stupid opera singer.

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I like Lorelei

A legend and a beautiful song.

I was supposed to be Vilja das Waldm├Ągdelein also after a folksong but managed to escape that torture.
Elisabeth/Elizabeth and Margaret/Margret allow the most derivatives in Englaish and in German.
Fluffy Bunny
Adolf - mustacheod one
Wee Mun
Heidi and Claudia and WeeMun

Sorry, off in another world there for a second.

I reckon Heidi is a nice name though
Sophie - - wisdom, (somebody should tell my daughter)
Dagmar, Elfriede, Gertrud.
An entire list of German Baby Names (girls and boys) courtesy of the Baby Name Network.

Coincidentally I have a lot of German friends back in the states - now if only i could get some of the locals to like me

Anyhoo,the two names of German friends i like are: Ilse and Liesl, both short forms of Elizabeth...(the latter conveniently rhymes with weasel and teasel :-)
You guys are right, I forgot about Heidi, Claudia (cloud-ia), Sophia (or Sophie, Sophi).
Those are great too and not just because they remind me of Supermodels.
For alternate suggestions or just a good laugh:

Babies Named a Bad Bad Thing
I have a couple of names that I like but don't know the meaning (they are friends of mine):

Liane (pronounced Lee-Ah-Neh)
Simone (pronounced See-Mo-Neh)

and one I heard recently:
Antje (Aunt-ye) --- means 'grace'

This is a good site:
German Baby Names

Oops...never clicked jml's link...she's quick today...and she's had her veggies
thnks for the response! I found the follow. names sounds cool to hear also.. any more suggestions!!!

cheryl --woman
Susanne -a lily
Steffi-A garland or crown. The feminine form of Stephen.
Katrine-Pure. Also see Catherine, Karen and Kathleen.
Anneliese-From Anne and Liese. Anne - Grace, or favoured by God. Liese - Consecrated to God
Shayna- Autumn Grace

Ceindrych(Elegant, fair)
Cerian (to love )
Melangell(sweet angel)
Sophie - - wisdom,
Charlotte - a good name

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