"Frizzets" How to make them

...not sure if the name is correct

Irish Lassie
Just wondering if anyone can help me out here, my mother used to make a savoury batter which she fried in the frying pan in spoonful portions.

As far as I can remember, they were called "frizzets" or something similar, the ingredients consisted of onion salt, flour and milk

Does anyone know exactly how to make these, don't know if there was anything else added to the mix or if it was only these three ingredients, also I've been living in Germany 14 years and have never seen onion salt here, does anyone know where I can get it (8or can I mix onion powder & salt and get the same result?)
Sounds like thick pancake batter with seasonings (onion, sage). Someone suggests somewhere else that the mixture was mostly pea flour.
Irish Lassie
Thanks - I think I actually have that in kitchen press - never used it myself before, normally the hubby does all the cooking, I have one or 2 herbs & spices I always use, the other 100 or so are his


thanks, I think I actually do remember something green in them, so that could be the sage.

hmmmm, will have to try a few different variations, maybe I'll find out exactly how to make them
You can't go wrong with thick pancake batter with sage and onion seasoning.

Can I have mine now, Mum?
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