Willy-Brandt-Platz at the Riem Arcaden - Munich

Rant: Purposefully ugly?

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I've got to take my hat off to the architect of this square. Obviously, the city asked for a concrete wasteland that no living thing would ever want to linger in and that's just what we got.

Willi-Brandt-Platz is a great big undefined square with a circular 'fountain' in the middle that is just a trickle that wets the flat pavement. At the top of the steps down to the U-Bahn, there is a big tangle of twisted metal that seems to have no purpose except collecting stray trash (which it's doing rather well, actually).

There's nowhere to sit anywhere in the square except at the boardering restaurants. After my daughter and I went shopping in the mall, we got a burger at the McDonalds and were forced to find an uncomfortable perch on the night entrance to the underground parking lot to eat.

Does anyone know of an explanation for this? I thought the BUGA was supposed to be all about friendly, beautiful urban planning? So they thought they'd design the opposite? WTF?
Hasn't anyone been there yet? No thoughts, opinions?
Yes, I have been there many times and came to the same conclusions you did.. However if you go towards the back of the bldgs. you will find an outdoor eating area with lots of tables/chairs..
Of course its meant to look like that - you think its that bad by accident?
I used to work near there and it's a dump. Looks like some of the worst of British urban architecture from the 60s (Coventry/Slough etc)
I'm planning on heading to the Riem Arcaden - anyone know if the best U-bahn stop to get off at is Messestadt West or Ost?
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