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Internet connection over power supply

Anyone have these? I have WIFI for my T-HOME media receiver and TV, but it sometimes doesn't work well as there's a couple of walls and a floor between the WLAN box and my sitting room.
How do these compare to WIFI?
I'm assuming one unit is plugged in to the power socket at your WLAN router and the other at the device. If so, how many devices can you connect at the device end simultaneously? The blurb on Telekom's web site isn't clear as to whether you can connect 2 devices at the same time. Ideally I'd like to connect my TV as well as my Media Receiver.
I use dLAN High speed from Devolo and it works like a charm.
It may be a bit tricky to set it up at first, but afterwards it just does it's job.
I've heard that they are not working in some homes that are wired in a "weird" way.
Search dLAN and will probably find more info on this forum as well.
Interesting, thannks for the reply.
If you have 2 of them, well 3 counting the conection to the router, does it affect the performnce?
Unfortunately, my house is most definitely wired up in a weird way, so that might be a problem.
I'm using 4 of them and I didn't have any problem. I never made any network speed tests either but I never had interruptions or visible drops in speed (things that can happen easily if you use wireless).
Most of the bigger shops in Germany would let you return the product if you are not happy with it.
Just go to one of them and ask if and in which conditions you can return it. Take it home, test it and if it doesn't work just take it back.
You mileage varies depending on several things, mainly the quality of the electric wires and how they are interconnected (one circuit, multiple circuits, etc). And the most important thing, they NEVER deliver the speed they promise.

The number of devices is irrelevant, they just "bridge" two network points, so if you want to connect multiple devices in one of the ends you can use a switch. Like this: (TV + Media Receiver) -> Switch -> Powerline -> ELECTRIC WIRING -> Powerline -> Router. All the devices connected to the switch will share the bandwidth.

Is your main problem the Media Receiver? Do you know which type of WiFi does it support? You might have more luck upgrading your router to one with 300mbs support, in case your receiver supports it (wireless n, instead of plain old g).

I myself had only bad experiences with Powerline devices, but that's because I stream 1080p, I gave up and wired the house.
I've just purchased a devolo dLAN 200 AVsmart+ Starter Kit (= 2 units). These can theoretically deliver 200 Mb/s and each incorporates an AC socket so that no AC outlets are lost. In addition the AC current automatically drops like a stone when the LAN connection is inactive.

I found setting these up a complete doddle using the software provided, which also offers an optional "Informer" facility that indicates which connections are active and at what up- & download speeds. From memory, my particular setup* (inactive as I write this), achieves about 100 Mb/s up and 160 Mb/s down.

*Telekom <50 Mb/s ISDN/GPON/"VDSL" connection -> Speedport W722V router -> dLAN AVsmart+ -> 100 metres of AC wiring -> dLANsmart+ -> Laptop
Thanks for the replies.
Yes, the issue is the Media Receiver- I use a Sitecom Wifi extender and it's just not up to it. It works intermittently, but never for more than about a week. Even when it does, the quality is not great.
I think I'll try the Telekom D-Lan adapters at 99 euros the pair. I'll confirm I can take them back though- I live in an Altbau and although we've had most of the electrics done, I saw enough of what was fixed to make me wonder if the wireing in the house will be an issue.
I've tried wireless and these home-plug adapters (from Devolo). The setup and performance of the home-plug solution is far easier/superior.
Just in case anyone else is thinking about this- I bought a pair from Devolo, the 200 pro, I think.
Easy to set up and install, and the picture quality is much better than with Wifi.
Nothing like the promised speeds, as I expected, but still more than enough to make a vast difference to my IPTV signal. And so far, it hasn't lost contact, like the Wifi extender did regularly.
You can add 8 to one network, and I'll certainly be replacing my last remaining WIFI repeater with one.
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