Bank of America Debit Card - Germany

No PLUS/STAR/Interlink Logos?

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Hi everyone. I just recently opened a Bank of America checking account because I've heard it was the best bet for me to get money in Germany. They're part of the Global ATM Alliance and have a partnership with Deutsche Bank so there aren't any international ATM access fees ($5 usually). They'll just charge me a 1% conversion fee or something and I guess I can live with that.

I just received my debit card in the mail today and looking on the back, I'm kind of worried that I got the wrong card. Shouldn't there be some kind of logo on the back for the PLUS, STAR or Interlink network? Because my Wells Fargo check card has these logos. The only logo on my BoA debit card is the Visa logo. I was under the impression that cards do not work in other ATMs unless they have one of those ATM network logos.
My Bank of America Debit card clearly says "Debit" and "Check Card" on the front, with the Interlink, PLUS, and STAR logos all on the back. You should check to be sure you didn't get a BoA Visa credit card instead.
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