How to find an apartment or room in Munich

Flat seekers, please read this first

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So you're seeking rental accommodation in Munich? Make sure you read this page through to the end, it contains lots of useful information. Remember to also read the second page, including the post about [post="433397"]tips for first-time renters[/post]. Once you're done here, then also read the other page: Apartments in Munich

First decide: do you want furnished or unfurnished? If you choose unfurnished, remember that this means with absolutely no furniture whatsoever. Often there is not even a kitchen or a bathroom - just pipes sticking out of the walls ready for you to connect your own facilities.

Secondly: live alone or sharing? In German the sharing of an apartment is known as "Wohngemeinschaft" or "WG" for short.

If you are looking for a flat to yourself, short-term, and pre-furnished, then you should check the following three advertised agencies:

  • Mr. Lodge
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    Mr. Lodge is a professional Munich furnished accommodation agency. They are the largest such agency in Germany. They have on their books hundreds, if not thousands of furnished apartments for short term and long term rentals. These include 1, 2, and 3 room apartments as well as furnished houses.

    Mr. Lodge is a very international company. They have over 23 employees including people from Ireland, UK, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, USA and of course Germany. In addition to English and German they can also speak with you in Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, and Dutch.

  • Liz Frey
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    Liz Frey is not an accommodation broker, but an excellent service provider for furnished accommodation in Munich. Being her customer guarantees you superb service mentality and negotiation skills so that you can get your ideal roof and home. A wide choice of apartments, 1- 2, or 3-bedroom flats or houses is provided on her daily updated offers on her website.

    Liz Frey is now the biggest – single run – accommodation agency and has placed herself well amongst the top five furnished accommodation companies in Munich. Her speed of response together with her inbred sense of customer service and fairness make her a top address to approach.

  • HomeCompany Munich
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    Established in 1986, HomeCompany Munich is the first and therefore probably most experienced agency of its kind in Munich. Here you find a wide range of furnished accommodation offers for long term as well as for short-term rental (a minimum of one month applies however). HomeCompany's objects vary from rooms in shared flats over larger apartments to entire houses - whatever takes your fancy. With the company's warm and helpful service, HomeCompany do their best to make you feel at home in your new place of residence.

In all three cases above, securing an apartment involves payment of a fee to the agency. The exact fee depends on how long you rent for, it is a sliding scale. If you sign a rental contract for 1 month you pay an agency fee of something like 29% of the monthly rent. For 6 months or more you might pay 116% of the monthly rent.

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Other accommodation listings including unfurnished:

Munich Mitwohnzentrale - The Mitwohnzentrale (English translation: "Shared accommodation agency"), or MWZ for short, is primarily a service for finding rooms in shared flats, i.e. student type accommodation. But they have many whole flats for rent too.

Kurz und Fündig - If you want to take the independent route to finding accommodation you should check out Kurz und Fündig. This is a classifieds newspaper which is available in all Munich newsagents. The paper comes out twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and costs around €2. Every week it has hundreds and hundreds of adverts for rooms and flats. The best thing to do is to buy the paper the moment it comes out and immediately start calling the adverts which are suitable. The classifieds are also available on the website. Each advert has a code number. You need to call a special premium rate phone number, enter the code, and then the recorded message will give you the telephone number of the advertiser.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung - The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bavaria's main broadsheet newspaper, also carries classified adverts for rooms and apartments to rent. Although it usually has fewer adverts than Kurz und Fündig. The day to get the paper is Fridays.

Abendzeitung - Munich's local evening paper. Click "immobilien" to get the accommodation classifieds. - The running joke about this website is that it enables you to find room mates who are "easy". Of course that's not true. Well, it might be. But what the creators of this service mean is that they make it easy for you to find room mates. The website was originally an American production. But in recent months it has picked up steam in Germany and there now seem to be lots of offers available in Munich. Although most of them are in German.

Start-up-Services, Munich - Start-up-Services is an independent provider of relocation services in and around Munich with over 20 years of experience. They offer homesearch, handing over of apartments, authority registation, visa and work permit assistance, pre-view trips, departure programs, and more.

For even more information about accommodation hunting in Munich, including average rental prices, desirable districts to live in, etc., check out the TT guide page: Apartments in Munich.
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Temporary accommodation while you search:

An important point to note is that it is much easier to find a place if you are already in Munich. Almost all landlords prefer to meet their tenants in person before signing a contract. So if you're coming in from abroad, or elsewhere in Germany, you should be prepared to live for a week or two in temporary accommodation such as the 4 You Hostel, the YMCA Hostel, or a friend's living room sofa.

Using the TT classified adverts:

The best way to respond to an apartment advert which you have seen listed in Classifieds / Accommodation Offered is to send a Personal Message (known as a "PM" for short) to the original author of the advert. Simply click the button labed "Message" at the bottom left of the post. Remember to include your contact details in your personal message - i.e. telephone number and e-mail address. Do NOT publish your contact details in your response on the advert as email addresses are likely to be picked up by spammers.

It is recommended that you do not post a reply to the public forum which says something like 'please send me more details'. This achieves nothing because the original author is most likely not a regular reader of this website and so will never see your enquiry. Such posts will be removed.

Finally: remember that the classifieds are a more serious area of the TT forum. A few jokes are always good, but the conversations here should be kept mostly business-like.
Here are some more ideas of sites where you can look for shared accommodation, called WG (=Wohngemeinschaft) in Germany


shared accommodation for students

deutschland WG

WG Welt
Check out: CityRent GmbH

They manage big renovation projects thus usually have a big choice of places.

I got a great 52m2 apartment in Schwabing North for 620 warm and no commision but they had some smaller/cheaper places too... highly recommended agency.
Also worth noting is Swiss Re (a very large insurance company) own lots of flats in Munich and advertise them here.

The thing that seperates them from your usual Letting agency is that you get the benefit of dealing with a large company as your landlord as well as your agent and also they do not charge any Makler fees- you pay the rent and deposit only. Also all their flats seem to be with a built in kitchen.

I was in the Goethe Institute on Sonnenstrasse yesterday and was impressed by the number of apt ads on the second floor board- a good place to check and all the ads are in english and german.
eurovol is one place to start.
I used Immobilien Scout
just been on that...loads of them are from Immobiliens with Makler fees to pay. bah!
try also... (almost never agency fee) (no middle man)

hope this helps!
i have moved 4 times in munich & the only maklerfrei moves i have had or heard about have been through friends/word-of-mouth/company notice boards... the outsider is to contact breweries/gaststaette as every now and again they offer maklerfrei appartments above their pubs/restaurants ...but that depends if you're up for living above a boozer
Forget pwib-gmbh (Infoboerse). This is a deceptive operation and a waste of your money.

What this woman does is simply collect ads from the local newspapers and charge you a bundle to read them. There is a delay between when the paper appears on the newsstand and when the ads therein are posted on this site. Inevitably most of the desirable offers will be gone before you see them at Infoboerse.

I paid EUR 69 (I recall) to join this site a year ago because there were something like 60-70 apartments listed online in my desired area and price category. Oh what a great selection, I thought. Well, after paying my money it turns out that fully 85% were dead leads -- off the market for as long as a couple weeks or more and still on the site. And of course the ones that were left were not interesting. I had spent another EUR 10-20 on prepaid cell phone costs (borrowed from a friend) in order to find this out. I was extremely pissed but could not get a cent back from this hard-nosed Weib. So I'm doing a little Truth-In-Advertising for her here.

You can get exactly the same information *for free* before it appears on the Infoboerse. Just go to your local Stadtbibliothek and have a look at the daily papers. Or spend a few EUR at your newsstand to snap up the papers as soon as they arrive. Just ask the newspaper vendor what time and day the Sueddeutsche, AZ or whatever containing the apt-rental classifieds (Mietwohnungen Kleinanzeigen) is delivered and you'll be among the first to see the ads. They'll recommend the best ones for the area you want to live in. The SZ is also online ( Check it several times a day. After getting screwed by Infoboerse I found a very good deal in Schwabing through the SZ immocenter last year, direct from the owner so I paid not a cent for a Provision and nothing to browse the ads.

One way to gain a significant advantage is to spend about EUR 11 to place an apartment-wanted ad in the Sueddeutsche. I recall these come out twice a week. You will definitely get calls--I've placed ads here two or three times in the past 15 years and each time got numerous phone calls from owners -- i.e. no Provision to pay -- where I was essentially the first candidate.

You can do the same thing in the freebie-ad paper Kurz und Fuendig (, but since your ad is gratis it will appear amongst scores of other apt-wanted ads placed by your thrifty competitors and you have much less of an advantage. K&F is not free at the newsstand or online -- you can browse free but have to register (& pay) to get contact info. But it's free at the library.

For some owners you are at a disadvantage by being foreign and transient. For others who may want to raise rents more often (when you move out after a year or two), or practice their English, you will be a prize. So it can pay to mention that you're Anglo or American. I got plenty of calls by billing myself as "Wissenschaftler aus USA" or something to that effect. Foreign is generally not undesirable if it's Brit, US, Aussie etc.

Viel Glueck bei der Wohnungssuche!
wasn't me
One way to gain a significant advantage is to place an apartment-wanted ad in the Sueddeutsche
Agreed. This works. Surprisingly enough.

But take care about including your e-mail and/or phone number in the advert. If you do include these details, you'll get spam mails and cold-calls from "Umzug Dienstleistungservices" offering to move all your furniture for you.

And another couple of tips:

when arranging an appointment for a viewing be sure to ask if you are the only person viewing at that time. If you go through a particularly lazy agent you'll find they often arrange for all viewings to happen simultaneously. You'll be looking round the flat with 30 other desperate homeless people. Not only is it a waste of your time, but it's also humiliating. Only book a "Besichtigungs Termine" if you know you're gonna get a special one on one viewing. Make the Makler work for their living!!!

Secondly, whilst viewing somewhere the other day another guy came in to look at the flat. He whipped out a laser gadget which measured the distances wall-to-wall. I pissed myself! I though, "how anal can these people get???". But sure enough, the flat had been advertised as being bigger than it really was! The landlord and agent had added 5 or 10 quadrat meter on, knowing that nobody would tell the difference.

I don't know where you can get these measuring things. Probably Conrad. Not sure it's really worth the bother. But take care about advertised measurements!
in relation to posts for rooms for rent, what does NO KAUTION or PROVISION mean?
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