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Is there a dentist in the house...

Hi TT,

my daughter is trying to get her second top front tooth out but it looks like the gum is growing with the tooth.

It is difficult to describe but it looks like the gun has either just grown over the tooth or is growing with it. It is like a 3-4mm tooth shaped swelling that looks like it covering the tooth (although it is ca. 4mm at one side but goes up diagonally to the other side of the tooth).

Is that normal? She started crawling last week and fell flat on her face so I am a bit worried that maybe the tooth was damaged while just starting to grow..
As far as I can remember my kids top gums looked very red and swollen just before the teeth made an appearance. Why not call in to the Kinderartz for a quick check - then if anything is wrong you will get a recommendation for a child friendly dentist?
Sounds normal to me, just give'em the standard food to help the tooth break out. Stuff that is kinda rough like toast.
Back in the US they have these teething toasts type things.. Perhaps the Germans have something similar.
Hi Guys,

thanks for the replies.

Not sure what caused it but it did seem like the gum was growing with the tooth. However after chewing on some zwieback and carrot (bio mind, don't want tog et the nitrate people up and looking) the gum decided it wanted to not be around the tooth.

@rebecca - I am one for calling doctors when I have no clue about medical stuff, mf gf is a more 'wait and see' person. In cases like these I find the collective knowledge of TT pretty good :-)
100% normal just wait until they start having multiple teeth coming through and say good bye to nights of sleep - is worth it tho
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