Chef jobs in Berlin?

Looking for a job as a chef

hello, to anyone working in restaurants! moving to berlin from london next year. just testing the water to see what happens really. looking for a busy modern kitchen to work, improve my pretty bad german and just get a feel for the city. would like to get an idea of want an experienced chefs salary would be?
If it's a busy, modern kitchen you're looking for, then I think you'll need rather good German before you even consider looking for a job over here. Do you think you could even come close to the amount of communication needed in such a kitchen with little/no German?
Tony there's plenty of €400 chef jobs here. Without any German, you won't get a whole lot better.
listen to the above 2 posters Tony.. 400 Euro gig is about the best you will find here with the non existing german skills..

Its hard for all expats here to scrape a living but without German you honestly can forget it

ouch!!! that was a surprise! 400 euro a month???? guess i better get studying. are any of you guys/girls chefs? but yes communication is paramount in a busy pro kitchen. just being a bit naive. thanks for your replies.
Hi Tony

don't listen to these twats . I lived in Berlin for a 1.5 years , worked as a Chef in a great little restaurant in Kudamm . I found this job simply by taking my CV around and asking for work . I was a CDP and taking home 1600 euro a month , that was including 50 euro in tips a week , so around 1400 euro . I was working 50 hours p/w though .

I did a month german course when i first arrived , but I must admit I could of learned this out of a book or online . I was able to get by and communicate . Most of my german i learnt in the kitchen with the boys , I must admit it wasn't easy at first , but I learnt pretty quick .

hope this helps

if you have any questions , send me an msg.

Hi All,

I am living in Augsburg working in a restaurant here for 3 months and will be moving to Berlin later in the year. My German is basic but I am working on this and wonder about restaurant work in Berlin? I only have 1 year experience in professional kitchens (London, 7 months at a very popular new restaurant that has recently been given bib gourmand status), would ideally like to work somewhere that makes interesting (good) food of course. What is the best way to go about looking for work? jobsites, recruitment agencies etc... Also names of decent restaurants I can go door to door and drop my CV off... Oh and of course places that welcome stagiaire placements. Thanks!
This thread seems a little old but I'll give it a go anyway.

Does anyone know what the issues are if you are a British trained chef working in Germany? My experience of working in Germany so far is that if it is possible to make it prohibitive and difficult, it will be! I am thinking of training to be a chef in London and working over here but haven't had any luck finding anything definitive as to the laws about British qualifications here.

Any practical and constructive advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks very much.
Chef is an absolute commodity job for male immigrants. Lots I know have done it at some point (one does it as a sideline to his "day job" in a local sports team for instance) and the cafes I go in are also full of them.

Qualifications? Laws? OK I presume there is a career-path "top" end here but nothing required, per se, like in the UK (I did a chef job aged 14). Poor pay and conditions though of course.
You could try Amsterdam if you want to leave London anyway. You don't really need Dutch that much. We have minimum wages in all industries unlike Germany. The average for an experienced chef was € 35K a year or € 2700 per month in 2010. The € 400 jobs in Germany are part-time jobs. You only work 10-15 hours per week for that. A dishwasher "already" earns € 9 per hour in Holland.
Despite the never ending stream of people who say that you don't need German to get a job in Berlin, you almost certainly would. The only job which does not seem to need it are in the hipster fields of Software and Web Development!

I recommend doing a course (online if you're skint) and finding a native German speaker to regularly meet and practice with. There may be a UK Tandem website.
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. I think I wasn't clear about what I am after. Does anyone know if there are any legal restrictions on British trained chefs working in Germany?

I live and work in Germany already, speak fluent German and I am not ideally looking to become a pot washer in a rat infested greasy spoon, although thanks for the concern! I have the opportunity to help set up a small-scale, high-end private catering concern (almost exclusively the domain of the younger, white female!) I am well informed of pricing, earnings, clientel etc, what I really need is information about whether there are legal restrictions on chefing qualifications here in Germany.

If anyone knows where to look I would be most grateful for any constructive tips.
Thanks again.
Hi danceswithelves,

A far as I know there are no restrictions for British Chef's working in Germany. You basically have to show your qualifications and references as you would in UK.

You have to go to the Health Department to watch a video to about Food Hygiene, usually takes 1 hour, after this they give you a certificate. Your employer will give you
more details about this.

Let me know how you get on, I might be moving back to Berlin in a year or so and looking for Chef work.

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