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Interested in learning more about the perlach site

Dear all,

I am considering a move to the munich area and have been looking into Siemens as a potential company. I was particularly interested in the Corporate Technology Group as my background is in Physics and I am presently a technical consultant for a product development company.

In doing so, I have been looking into the Erlangen site and the Neuperlach site. I don't suppose anyone works at the Neuperlach site? It seems to also be known as Legoland! If so, what's it like to work there? I hear the cafeteria is good, but that's pretty much all the info I have!

I'm in discussions with some Siemens workers from Erlangen, but don't really have any contacts from Perlach.

I've also been reading that neuperlach is not the most desirable of places to live... How much truth is in this? Any recommendations for nice places to live outside of perlach?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Best Wishes,

Hi Tom,

I have worked on at contract basis at four Siemens locations, but not in Neuperlach. I can't recommend Siemens as a good place to work, as I didn't really enjoy any of my projects there. In my experience Siemens often start big projects, then get lots of engineers to work on them for a couple of years and then they decide to cancel the complete project. This results in mass redundancies and lots of unhappy engineers.

Although I haven't worked at the Neuperlach site I once went for an interview there which was a bit weird. I turned up at the interview and there was six other candidates in the same interview. The Siemens manager said that he wanted to interview us all at once (for one position) to save time. I was younger and less experienced then and went through with the interview. These days I would have told them to go to hell and walked out.

I have also worked at EADS in Ottobrunn, Mannesmann R&D (now Vodaphone) and currently at Rohde & Schwarz, all of which I can recommend without hesitation.

As to living in Neuperlach, you are right that it is not the nicest of places. It has lots of large apartment buildings. In my opinion, the best thing about Neuperlach is the PEP Center, which is one of the best shopping malls in Munich.

As far as good places to live near Neuperlach goes, some places nearby which I like are Neubiberg, Waldtrudering and some parts of Ottobrunn (such as Riemerling). When living outside the centre of Munich I would recommend to find a place within walking distance of an S-Bahn station.
Yes, it's called Legoland and you just have to look at it to know why. Like Dilbert I've no direct experience there but a few anecdotes and I've heard from people who work there. Siemens is a very big company and there's not much of a mono-culture there, rather each site, division, group, department, whatever can have a totally different atmosphere from their neighbours even on the same site or in the same building. Still it's true that in general Siemens is a big, very German, bureaucracy with everything that entails and redundancies are a fact of recent life there.

Neuperlach is about as grim as it gets around Munich, ie. not very grim but not very nice especially at night, and I would advise you to live in the centre and commute out there each day. It's a soul-less place, devoid of any charm, although again as Dilbert says there are nice, but very quiet, villages near by. If you want any sort of life then live in Munich city.

My simple advice to you would be to secure an interview there and go find out for yourself what the group you would be working with would be like. You will have to do some detective work, and think through your questions carefully. Obviously you can't just blunder in and ask them if they're all stiff, humour-void Germans who do a 9-5 then bugger off to their families in the suburbs in the evenings. I went for an interview at Infineon on St. Martinstr about 10 years ago and noticed that although the department was nice and small, about 10 people, they were doing the work of about 50 (an entire GSM Layer 1, including the DSP coding and a test suite). During the interview one of the guys they brought in let slip that he'd resigned already and was on his notice period. With alarm bells already clanging in my head I then figured out that the 10 people here did nothing more than prepare specifications and conduct code reviews and tests on software that was entirely written in India where they had a huge group. They offered me the job, I turned them down.

Good luck.
Wow.... not quite the reaction I expected for Siemens!

Thanks for the advice and i'll make sure I get more info before the interviews (if there are any!)

Best wishes,

You don't have to live in Neuperlach! My husband works at that site, we live in Nymphenburg and his door-to-desk commuting time is 45 mins. Very acceptable having endured horrible commutes in London, Dublin and Cork.
I work at Neuperlach for Siemens, its not the most lively place to work and I only drink the coffee here because I´m an addict, but the good news is you could live at Haidhausen or Lehel and easily and quickly be here with the U5. In Haidhausen, you could live at the Max-Weber end or the Ostbahnhof end which would make your commute here simple and fast.
Dear TSlondon and Nezza,

Thanks for replying. I was wondering, what are your impressions of life at Siemens? TSlondon, what does your husband have to say about working there?

Many Thanks,

Dear all,

I have also been reading a lot on Toytown about salary expectations. I am trying to build up a picture of what may be a likely salary during negotiations, but I am finding significant variation on the forums for specific age and experience. I guess it's not surprising really!

However, it would be very useful, based on your experience at Siemens or contacts, if you could give me a range of salaries that seem plausible.

As far as my background goes, I have a masters in Physics, a PhD in Semiconductor Physics, two years industrial experience in a multinational electronics giant working in their corporate technology group, and two years experience in a technical consultancy. I'm presently a project leader in the technical consultancy, and lead projects across multiple sectors (medical, industrial and consumer).

I am presently in discussions with senior members at Siemens and they seem keen to get me involved in a similar role to a program manager in their corporate technology group.

Based on this information, I would be very appreciative if you can give me an idea of what salary I should be aiming for. From what I've read on Toytown, it looks like 48% of my salary is going to get swiped by the government. I'm not presently married or with kids. I also won't be opting for the church tax. I also hear that the munch area is pretty pricey to live, and would like to live somewhere within easy driving distance of the mountains, preferably near a lake (although I hear Starnberg is pretty pricey!).

Anyway, I hope I've given you enough information to go on. If my experience level does not match your backgrounds, I would greatly appreciate if you could ask similar people to me within Siemens what they might think.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I've been very impressed with the level of discussion on Toytown, and am looking forward to revisiting the local Hofbräuhaus!

Best wishes,

it looks like 48% of my salary is going to get swiped by the government. I'm not presently married or with kids. I also won't be opting for the church tax.
That estimate is pretty high - you're in tax class I, which means you get the minimal reductions but still you lose less than 48% - but only marginally. Remember that there are no other local taxes to pay, you will have to pay health insurance, but if you relocate here you can write off relocation expenses against tax for your move, and some visits home. Tax here is a bastard but the tendency is for it to be reduced: My advice is to get used to it and move on to enjoying your life. I never read my pay slips in detail, I'd just get angry but nothing would change.

I also hear that the munch area is pretty pricey to live, and would like to live somewhere within easy driving distance of the mountains, preferably near a lake (although I hear Starnberg is pretty pricey!).
If you look closely at the map you'll see loads of smaller lakes all around Munich and many are really great for evening swims, not to mention the Isar river, a few streams and open air baths. Everywhere in Munich is close to the mountains - within 1 hour in the car you're deep in the hills. If you want to live closer than that, ie. in a small town/village in the Bavarian countryside, then your options for social interaction collapse, especially if your German isn't good.

Munich isn't cheap but that's generally reflected in the salaries here and we all manage to live here. Remember there are cheaper areas and more expensive ones, go and search TT.
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