Moving to Herrenberg area

Looking for advice on best place to live etc...

Just got a job offer to move to the Herrenberg area in Germany. Looking to get some advice or feedback on the best places to start looking for a house or apartment to live... what's the average rent you'd pay etc..?
Heard Tubingen was a nice small city with a bit of atmosphere?
City or country living an option... but need to be able to get a beer to two on a regular bases.
Within a 50KM of Herrenbery/Tubingen/Rottenburg area maybe??
What's the cost of living like? Quality of life? Good place to live and bring up kids? Myself and wife and 2 year old kid, so anything on schools, kindergarten etc. would also be appreciated!?

My wife will not be working when we arrive, so what's the story with claiming unemployment for her? (I assume slim to none?) We EU (Irish), so work visa not an issue, but is there much employment in the area? She doesn't speak German...yet!?!
Any advice appreciated!
I gather from this that your workplace will be in Herrenberg?

Why not live in Herrenberg then? The area offers everything. There is a 35 minute subway ride to Stuttgart town center every 15 minutes, so if you want to live in the center of a rich city that is possible. If you are young, alternatively minded and like students, you can live in Tübingen, which has over 20000 Students on 80000 inhabitants and is a 30 minute train ride every half hour away from Herrenberg. If you like to live in a beatiful small town without Students you can live in Herrenberg. If youd rather live in a village there are endless options. I don't know your specific case but I don't see the difference between living in Rothenburg and Herrenberg. Beer is available everywhere.... . Quality of living is outstanding in all the options. Rents are high for Germany in every option, but compared to Ireland should be mild (no housing boom here, although I heard there was somewhat of a bust in Ireland as well).
General Herrenberg information in German.

If you are into flying (esp gliding) you are in prime area: Flugsportverein Herrenberg
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I do agree with Matajari – why not live in Herrenberg – it offers a lot of things a young family maybe looking for. Playgroups for toddlers, kindergardens primary & secondary schools, in & outdoor swimming pool. pubs, restaurants, sport activities (football, basket ball, athletics, swimming etc.) and various festivals throughout the year. It is also located next to the 'Schönbuch' a nature reserve where you can go mountain biking or just enjoy the nature. Here the link to the Herrenberg Homepage in English. click here - and yes you may have guessed I do live in Herrenberg and I like it here.

Have you thought about what property you are looking for? House or flat ? There are very nice and well built flats in Germany – so they are worth considering - don't rule them out completely as they are a bit easier to find then houses. Rents are quite high so you can expect to pay between 750 –1,200 Euros for a nice house or flat. Keep in mind this is the 'Kaltmiete' so rent does not include heating, electricity, water etc. this will come on top.
I hope you and your family will have a good start in Germany. Enjoy the experience!
Herrenberg is a great town with a great quality of life. If you prefer quiet small villages there are several nearby, some so close you could walk to work in Herrenberg (1k on a paved path).
Hi ,,,,

We got to Germany just 2 months ago, It seems like my wife got a Job in Herrenberg, we would like to buy a flat but we have a tight budget, because we are just starting...therefore we would like to avoid paying inmobilien commissions, could you please tell me where can I find adds for properties, I have find

Thanks for your help.
Hi and welcome to TT.

Buying property in Germany - be it a flat or a house - is not wise, certainly not until you know what your longerterm plans are, and can understand German and the German system well enough to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. The housing market here in Germany is VERY different from many other countries. For more information, please use the search function - up top right of the page. A simple search will give you threads with your key words in the thread title, a Google-powered search (from the simple search results page) will give you the threads with your key words anywhere in the thread.

A simple search for "buying house" got a lot of results, among them these:

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