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I have had for just over 2 years really bad problems with acid indigestion , which at times can be excruciating and prevents me from sleeping. This is accompanied by a severely bloated stomach and a lot of gas.

I eventually went for a check-up in my local hospital and they found 3 stomach ulcers which were removed. Since then, it seemed to settle down for some time but now it is getting worse again

I have tried all sorts of medications, Zantac, Gaviscon Advance, and many of the other German medications but they are only short-term solutions.

I need to see a specialist and try to get it sorted once and for all... anyone had similar problems and can suggest a solution? Anyone know a really good specialist in these problems that can maybe help me?

try a homeopath... helped me, Dr. Wolf in Neufahrn is great! I can send you here number. Found out it was actully food allergies- milk and eggs, and since I cut them our of my diat- no problemo!
You really are a stress puppy aren't you?
If you have stomach ulcers, then there are several things that you need to do.
1)No milk or milk products!
2)No alcohol.
3)Increase your water intake to 4 liters per day minimum.
4)No coffee or tea.
5)Acid juices or spicy foods do not add to your problem, but they may irritate what is already there. However, salt is a spice that you should avoid because it messes with the osmotic balance.
6)If you are having ulcers, you need to get checked for H. Pylori.
7)Duodenal ulcers are very problematic and can lead to stomach/colon cancer. If you have H. Pylori or Herpes simplex viruses, you need to be treating the source and not the symptoms.
8)For H. pylori, homeopathy says to eat broccoli sprouts. This has been proven to cure this infection.
9)Antacids are not the way to go. They only treat the symptoms.
10) If you need a night-cap to help you sleep, then I suggest water, a twist of lemon and many dashes of Angostura Bitters.
I have acid reflex and here are my recommendations...
1. Ginger ale
2. soda water
3. licorice tea ( gross but it works)
4. watch your diet of course..tomatoes, garlic, alcohol, coffee etc..etc...
5. try to watch what you stress about..this is a BIG reason .
try increasing your fiber intake.
wow eurovol!!! if I was on the karma list I'd give you some. great info, more than my doc gave me which is really sad
Well my doctor did a food allergy blood test and the outcome was that I must avoid:

Other grains;
Milk & milk products (esp. cows milk);
Soya products;
Sunflower oil & seeds;
Man other things that I forget right now...

This is a bloody nightmare! When you start looking at labels, you realise how many foods have wheat or other grains, milk products and eggs... Needless to say, I have not stuck long to this diet as it is too restrictive and the alternatives are either hard to find or extremely expensive

Someone else told me that this is not really good and that it is better to eat balanced meals.

I think they said that I had H.Pylori... is there a chance that that can come back or not completely go away?

@eurovol, what are brocolli sprouts? Or do you mean brocolli and sprouts?

I find my acid is worse with beer, wine and wheat products... Neat Vodka seems to help sometimes

Contrary to popular belief, stress and spicy food do not cause ulcers... Ulcers are most often caused by Helicobacter Pylori bacteria. Stress, spicy foods etc do however worsen the symptoms.
Did you have the antibiotic treatment? Did you finish the course?
I don't have H. Pylori, mine were caused by stress and drinking shots due to stress.
Stopped both and now rarely have problems.
Frau Dr. Hundegger
Am Harras 2
81373 Muenchen
Tel: 7675380

She's an internist and I've been going to her for years. Can only recommend her.
Yeah, I had antibiotics and also antacids. They said that the ulcers wouldn't return. Also I have read that once you have been treated for H.Pylori, you cannot get it again... but I feel just as crap as I did before... Anyone know if you can get it repeatedly?

Maybe I should go for another test...
I contacted a Homeopathic doctor today. I described my symptoms and she suggested buying "Sulphur D12" from the pharmacy. I looked on the internet too and seems a lot of people have used this homeopathic medication for gastric as well as skin problems with good results.

I just took my first tablet and my stomach feels a lot more relaxed and a lot of air is being expelled (thank your lucky stars that you are far away from me!

According to the instructions, there are no known side-effects. Costs about EUR 13,- for 80 tablets.

Would love to know if this helps others with these problems...

Am also going to have another Endoscopy on Monday morning and then a long discussion with the Homeopathic doctor on Tuesday to try and establish what the causes are...
You might want to experiment and stay away from onions, cabbage (sauerkraut or blaukohl), radishes (white and red), and weissbier (higher in gluten I think).
Broccoli sprouts-I mean broccoli seeds that are sprouting. The sulphur stuff you buy from a pharmacy is weak in comparison. Just like vitamins and minerals, the best is from nature and not in a pill. 40-60% of the population have H. pylori. Workers in a seedling factory that sprouted broccoli had 0%. They found out that the workers were hungry and munched on the sprouts. The sprouts contained extremely high doses of natural sulphur compounds known to cure H.pylori. You can get it again and again! There is no immunity to the shit at all! It is a master of bait and switch with your own cells.

If you are allergic to all those grains, then you are allergic to gluten also known as Celiac Disease. There are a few people on this board with the same problem. They could help you with working on your diet.

Stress is a big factor in ulcers dude. Do not downplay the role that stress has in a detrimental way. Stress is probably the leading cause of illness behind chemotoxic substances, viruses and pure genetics.

Edit: Lupo got the gluten post before me.
I swear by basica to sort out any inbalances and bring the body into order;
<parp> Phew, that's better!

@eurovol, where do I get broccoli sprouts man? Never seen such a thing...


These sulphur tablets seem to be doing *something*... LOL

I think I am a little intolerant to wheat products and not completely intolerant like Celiacs... I tried, however, controlling grains in my diet but that is a bloody nightmare!!! <parp>

Oh, forgot... am not supposed to have malt products either... <burrrrrrp>
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