Concert: Gogol Bordello @ Tonhalle - Munich

7pm Tue. 30.Nov.2010 Tickets €27.55 on sale now

Just got this off facebook, no sign of any tickets on eventim or münchen ticket yet
Brilliant!!! I saw these guys (having only heard of them by name prior) at Rock im Park in June, and they were far and away the most surprisingly awesome band of the festival...I think I will be in attendance. Their websitedoesn't have a link to tickets just yet either
Tickets €27,55 from München Ticket
Tickets also now available through Ticket Online
triumph bob
Shame it's at the Tonhalle. Gotta love the irony that they called the place with the world's worst acoustics the Tonhalle.
Actually, having seen a heap of concerts at Tonhalle over the past 1 1/2 years I have to say the sound is not that bad, and certainly shits all over places like Theaterfabrik next door, or worse yet: Zenith. It's just the stupid pillars on the side that make it crap to get a good view if you don't show up early enough (depending on the band)

I can´t miss this concert, then I´ll be there, if someone wants to have some beers before and come with me it would be great!

See you,

David, 23, Sendling
Hi David, I'd be up for that
tickets still available, see above

Start wearing purple
I bought my ticket about a week and a half ago. If I don't meet some couchsurfers beforehand I'd be down for meeting some other TTers.

Got my tickets for this as well finally...I had applied for a press photo pass but they never got back to guess I'll just be there as a spectator!
Was an awesome show on Tuesday...finally got a few videos up. This was one of the rare occasions where the supports were also great!

the support was great and weird too, sousaphone in a rock band?
hehee. DeVotchKa has been around for ages actually...and they did the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine...I had to look it up in Wikipedia to confirm why some of those songs sounded REALLY familiar
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