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An alternative to satellite TV

Hi, i've just been reading an article about bit torrent in the Grauniad and was amazed to find that expats including some based in germany run a british TV torrent site. It allows people without satellite to receive on demand programs such as east enders...
you have to sign up and install torrent type software. I have'nt treid it but it might be useful for people such as Katrina who cant get a satellite installed because of building restrictions. Web site: uknova
anyone else tried it??
DrivinWest is good for most shows. I believe the user base is larger with this site as well thus the downloads are generally faster.
Hmm uknova doesnt seem to be accepting new users.
You have to keep trying. They have a set quota of users. When old user accounts expire, new ones are made available. The number of available accounts hovers around zero. Some days it'll be closed, other days there will be accounts available. Check it daily and eventually you'll get an account.
You see.. nothing beats live satellite TV...
Finally got a uknova account so I will start evaluating it soon. seems to use some ed2k thing rather than bittorrent, I will have to see if thats available on linux. In the meantime the good old (which you also need to register for, and sometimes they dont take on new users) and mininova which you dont need to log in for.

And satelite tv is bullshit. 100 channels and nothing on but ads, especially in the mornings when i watch my tv. Was saving up to buy it too until I stayed at a place with all the sky and bbc stuff and was very disappointed, especially with the price. Might suit some people though who are happy to watch what the stations feed them, and are prepared to organise their life around the stations schedule, and enjoy watching ads.
Okay.. I am really interested in this as I am about to buy a TV.. havent had one for a while...

The sky digi packages on offer are really too expensive for me (investing in a dish, box, card, etc) and I am not really sure how how much English speaking tv I can get with Premiere. I know now that Munich has gone digital, that all I need to do is buy a reciever box, but again, do not know if there is any English speaking TV involved with that what so ever.

Could someone talk me throught the basic steps of what is needed with the Torrent TV? Is there special hardware? I guess its basically a download site for programmes and then I have to hook my tv up to my laptop?

Can someone correct me on this?

As for Premire, most of it's in German but a few of the movies can be switched to English, in my opinion it's not worth the $$ for the 1-2 channels/movies this can be done on.

As for ED2k and Bit-torrent go HERE Download the client and be on your way.. This client will connect you to 6 different P2P networks.

As already mentioned UK Nova limit the # of new logons, which is why place like "The Real World" are much better...

Sattalite TV (Sky) can be very expensive to setup... Not only for the hardware and Install, but also for the yearly Sky Card subscription thru places like German Sky...
Small Town Boy
Vanessa: Torrent TV is simply bittorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing method for downloading files, including video files like TV programmes. It's relatively quick because you upload parts of the file to other users at the same time as you are downloading. But relatively quick still means around 3 hours for a 30-minute programme, or much longer if fewer people are up/downloading it.

There's no special hardware, just some file-sharing software like Bitlord. You do not need a TV to watch the programmes you've downloaded, it is easier to watch it on your computer. Bear in mind that the uploading and downloading of such files is a civil offence. It is *illegal*'!! Not that I'm saying you shouldn't do it

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