Chavs, Neds, Essex Girls, Pikeys, and Townies

General chat about the UK's peasant underclass

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A (fun) guide to the "peasant" underclass in the UK

Actually they mention Wiggas too. Hmmm.


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Malcolm Spudbury

A directory of Chav towns. Seems to be from the same people who created the Chavscum site.

I used to live next door to this pub, mentioned in the review of Addlestone, Surrey:

Also the pinnacle of Surrey chav pubs, The Crouch Oak. This place is a total chav magnet. all getting pissed on overpriced lager listening to shit dance music. I watched the 2 bouncers kick some pissed up chavscum out late one night only to visit the gents 5 minutes later to see the cretin trying to get in the toilet window!
Now you can play Chav Olympics and maybe win an iPod
Thanks for the link to ChavScum - hilarious !!

I'd never heard of the word "Chav". We always used to call them Townies because they hang round in the center of town picking fights on Saturday night. (Or any night, come to think of it).

Oh, or scallies, of course.
We call them Neds in Scotland. (Non-Educated Delinquent's)
Apparently, there's a movie coming out called: Chav:The Movie
Go to and search for 'Chav'...
search results give one hit for "Customer Services" :-)

Think Argos have their own special department for dealing with Chav's ??
Ha - they've changed it. It was bringing up a chunky Ben Sherman chain...
just got back from England and everyone's making jokes about 'chav's.
what are they and where does the word 'chav' come from?
my sister said that chavs usually wear out-of-date type Burberry stuff and shell suits. girls wear their hair up in pineapple dos and have big hoop earrings (woah...I wear them sometimes!)
can anyone offer an explanation???
I'm guessing a chav is something like an Australian bogan (sp?) or American trailer trash.
Malcolm Spudbury
Go to and search for 'Chav'. ...  It was bringing up a chunky Ben Sherman chain.
The only reason it does that is because the search only considers the first 3 letters of the word you enter. Hence results for CHAins and CHAirs.
thanks Katrina.
I wonder where the word chav comes from.
HOOD RATS!!! It was on that chavscum site. Just talking about that the other night.
Isn't Chav short for Charver? Geordie word for kid...

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