Where can I ride in a paternoster in Munich?

Continuous elevator chain of open compartments

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So if you trip getting out, and you are half in and half out do you get squashed and sliced as the lift continues its ascent?
  • hello! i recently took a ride in a paternoster elevator at the main police station in munich
  • (the one at the police station is not accessible for the general public as you have to be escorted by an office to be inside the main part of the building).
I guess, if the worst comes to the worst, you will just have to rob another bank.
I rode in one of these in Vienna's equivalent of the KVR about 15 years ago, scared the crap out of me it did.
give me a modern lift any time.
Only time I ever rode a Paternoster was in Berlin 25 years ago.

The most nostalgic lift I can remember was the one in my father's office. As the office was in the centre of Dublin we would go there every year to watch the St Patrick's Day parade - from lofty heights. Included in the fun was using the dictaphones and the lift.

The lift had a handle that you pushed right (up) or left (down) that was all. You could stop in between floors. Simplicity pure. It was wonderful.
I rode one in Prague five years ago over the top as I had no idea what I was doing. I was squashed flat. A steady flow of a Gambrinus IV saved me.
I've been on two, Newcastle University Economics Department & Windscale Nuclear Resprocessing Site, didn't dare go over the top though
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