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Need some help tracking International post

Eric Cartman

I sent a small letter package through airmail from India on the 3th of June to Stutensee in Germany.

My local mail tracking shows that the package left India on the 5th.

But now I'm unable to track this anywhere else!
I tried the German post website but I cant read German very well and I don't see a place where I can track it.
Can someone assist me with this? or tell me how to track on the German postal website?

Many thanks!
I've found the Deutsche Post tracking service internationally to be relatively useless. I sent my US taxes with signature request and tracking request, and until now both show as being transferred to US. After that, it never shows final delivery, and I only know it got there after following up directly with IRS.
Eric Cartman
Hi people,

Thanks for the reply.

Tell me about it! When I send something back through post to the US the USPS website usually shows the status in about 4-5 days! Atleast USPS shows that the package entered the country.

I tried my label number on the above site. This is what it says.
What does this mean?

DHL Sendungsverfolgung
Wichtiger Hinweis
Ihre Suche ergab leider keine Treffer.

Bitte überprüfen Sie die eingebene(n) Sendungsnummer(n) oder Sendungsreferenz(en).

Do I put in the entire tracking code or just the numbers?

Many thanks
The notice you got means that they didn't come up with anything and asks you to check your number again.

It says to put in the 10 - 39 character letter/number combination so I guess you'd put in the whole thing. It doesn't always work though.

If you only tried putting your number in the "Sendungsnummer" space, there's another space down below if you click on " + Erweiterte Suche". For that one they want the reference number which might be what you have.
Eric Cartman
Thanks for reply!

The German Postal website still says it didn't come up with anything.
And the stupid Indian postal website still shows that the package left India.

Now sometime on the 16th My package reached Stutensee and they got it!!

I don't know why the German and Indian Postal websites don't update this?

I feel that USPS is the best compare to all the postal services.

Thanks everyone!
I searched and couldn't find a thread with exactly what I'm looking for but - is there any way to send a letter to the U.S. using a certified and/or with signature required? I have had things sent to me here from the U.S. that require a signature and then I have to go to the local DeutschePost to pick up the letter... But now I need to send something the other way with the same sort of parameters. I've used FedEx before but would prefer not to do so this time around; I'm looking to mail a check and want to make sure it gets there, but there's no deadline.
Thanks! My German is atrocious - do I just ask for "ein Einschreiben International" then?
I have used the Deutsche Post service (linked to above by MrNosey) a couple of times. Although I was given a tracking number in each case (one to the UK, the other to Canada), the tracking only went as far as Frankfurt! At that point the only notice was "given to foreign postal service" or some such thing, and no further details were available. Rather concerning, but I did have proof of sending, and the packages did get to their destinations. I didn't get any further information, like who signed for them, etc., or even notice that they arrived. I had to contact the recipients to make sure they had arrived. Very frustrating, but I don't know of anything better for that price.
Thanks! My German is atrocious - do I just ask for "ein Einschreiben International" then?
Yep, that's the one. If you want a signed receipt back you can combine the Einschreiben International with Rückschein International shown on page 23 of this brochure.
Thanks westvan!
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