Any grocery stores open on Sunday in Mannheim?

Where can I shop for food on Sunday in Mannheim?

My girlfriend and I just arrived in Mannheim last night (Saturday), settled into our flat, and found ourselves with an empty refridgerator (naturally). Wandering around the neighborhood (we're in the Squares), it seems everything is closed on Sundays. Clothing stores I can understand, but grocery stores and pharmacies? Surely there must be something open, no?

I'm looking for anything in Mannheim that's open on Sunday, primarily for groceries, but also for home supplies (e.g. detergent, garbage bags, etc.). Any suggestions?

Generally speaking, stores are closed on Sundays except for a few in airports and large train stations like Hauptbahnhof Mannheim perhaps. You can also pick up some basics at larger gas stations but those items will be more expensive. So I'd go out for a pizza and forget about doing any major shopping today.
Welcome to the neighborhood!

For the record, pharmacies (which sell prescription and non-prescription meds, but not much else) do have an emergency rotation in each city or area, so if you're ever in need of emergency aspirin (or something stronger) after hours or on holidays or Sundays, you can go to your nearest pharmacy. If they're not on-duty, they'll have sign in their window listing the nearest pharmacist who is on-duty, and their address. You'll pay the on-duty pharmacist a little extra for using the emergency service (it's a set fee so you won't get gouged) but at least you can get your meds in a pinch.
Thanks Bipa and liebling!

Yeah, it's looking more and more like pizza or doner is on the menu this afternoon. That or host wafers, if we wanted to hang out in church.
for next sunday the turkish stores on the road between G an F known localy as Doner strasse, don't hold to the not opening sunday rule very well. You can at least get bread and food there.

also there a small but expensive supermarket shop in the train station.
Dönerstraße? I've never heard that But yeah, you're right, lots of Döner places there. And some shops stay open on Sundays? Very cool. I mean, why not? I know the Tanke on the Seckenheimerstraße tried to do that at the beginning, then had to shut down, but before I left on vacation they were trying again to get the permit to do so. I think they would not sell you alcohol, but you could buy drinks and snacks, etc., whatever they offered.

There is a grocery store in the train station, but it is horribly expensive. Most bakeries that are open on Sundays sell butter, eggs and milk if you need them for your afternoon cakes. Same for the gas stations.
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