US military (civilian) or contractor jobs - Germany

How to get them while neither in Germany nor US

I want to know how to go about getting a civilian position with the US military (or other US government agencies) or alternatively, one with a US contractor. I'm also considering a CPOL program, though I can't find much information on their website. I have concluded that this is the least restrictive way to get to Germany. I'd like to live and work there for at least a few years (current minimum estimate: 2 years).

My background: I'm a bilingual American woman. I'm a beginner level German student. Bachelor's in Biology and Master's in Health Administration, both from top 40 schools if it matters. My 2 years of work experience is in health education/advocacy (including a group that I began independently) and K-12 TEFL. If I can find something health advocacy-related (I haven't so far), it'd be great though I'm open to a variety of work opportunities. I have informal/volunteer work experience with low-income families and people who are homeless.

I'm working on building a great federal resume after doing lots of research on what the different agencies are looking for. I may even get a federal resume editor to polish it up for me. I have found a few positions on USAJobs. The difficult part: IF they are even interested, what happens then? I'm a US citizen but I live in Asia. I'm thinking of moving to Germany early if I get an assuring level of interest.

Now on to the contractors: what are their names? What sort of positions do they have available? The information I've found has been vague and some sites required fees so I didn't sign up.

Can one get hired without actually being in Germany or the US?

Any input would be valued. Thank you.
I work for ITT Systems Division, so I know a few other contractors:

(?? = not sure is contractor still in Germany)
ITT Systems (5th Signal Command contractor for communications)
SAIC (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Verizon (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Raytheon (usually located in Hohenfels area)
General Dynamics?? (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Oberon (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
ManTech?? (previous 5th Signal Command contractor for communications/smaller contracts)
CACI?? (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
CSC (Battle Simulations Center)
Dyncorp (do not know their primary mission)

Don't know about federal job requirements since I have never been one. Normally, one must be hired from stateside/direct from military to enjoy the full benefits, but I think there are some exceptions.
Hello there,

I am an EU citizen with extensive contractor experience with KBR and FFuor Government Group,specifically in the filed of operations/customer services.
Due to my plans to relocate to Germany, any suggestions would be appriciated in manners of hiring in the Bavaria area.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

of course it is Fluor...not FFuor...:-)
This is a very interesteing thing to be talking about I had no idea that it was so popular.
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