US military (civilian) or contractor jobs - Germany

How to get them while neither in Germany nor US

I want to know how to go about getting a civilian position with the US military (or other US government agencies) or alternatively, one with a US contractor. I'm also considering a CPOL program, though I can't find much information on their website. I have concluded that this is the least restrictive way to get to Germany. I'd like to live and work there for at least a few years (current minimum estimate: 2 years).

My background: I'm a bilingual American woman. I'm a beginner level German student. Bachelor's in Biology and Master's in Health Administration, both from top 40 schools if it matters. My 2 years of work experience is in health education/advocacy (including a group that I began independently) and K-12 TEFL. If I can find something health advocacy-related (I haven't so far), it'd be great though I'm open to a variety of work opportunities. I have informal/volunteer work experience with low-income families and people who are homeless.

I'm working on building a great federal resume after doing lots of research on what the different agencies are looking for. I may even get a federal resume editor to polish it up for me. I have found a few positions on USAJobs. The difficult part: IF they are even interested, what happens then? I'm a US citizen but I live in Asia. I'm thinking of moving to Germany early if I get an assuring level of interest.

Now on to the contractors: what are their names? What sort of positions do they have available? The information I've found has been vague and some sites required fees so I didn't sign up.

Can one get hired without actually being in Germany or the US?

Any input would be valued. Thank you.
I work for ITT Systems Division, so I know a few other contractors:

(?? = not sure is contractor still in Germany)
ITT Systems (5th Signal Command contractor for communications)
SAIC (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Verizon (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Raytheon (usually located in Hohenfels area)
General Dynamics?? (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
Oberon (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
ManTech?? (previous 5th Signal Command contractor for communications/smaller contracts)
CACI?? (usually associated with DISA-Europe)
CSC (Battle Simulations Center)
Dyncorp (do not know their primary mission)

Don't know about federal job requirements since I have never been one. Normally, one must be hired from stateside/direct from military to enjoy the full benefits, but I think there are some exceptions.
Hello there,

I am an EU citizen with extensive contractor experience with KBR and FFuor Government Group,specifically in the filed of operations/customer services.
Due to my plans to relocate to Germany, any suggestions would be appriciated in manners of hiring in the Bavaria area.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

of course it is Fluor...not FFuor...:-)
This is a very interesteing thing to be talking about I had no idea that it was so popular.
I went to different offices to get permits(they told me I don't need a work permit due to my SOFA) etc., and I end up being registered with my address in this town after I showed them my SOFA Stamp
card, my rental contract (on which I am not even listed) and then I received a Lohnsteuerkarte starting in 2008.Like I said previously I had a certificate for 2007 being limited to income taxes
For direct jobs with the US government, including military, create a profile on if you haven't already, and try searching for jobs in your chosen career field in the locations you desire. It can be a daunting task, but could very well be worth it for you if you want to go the Civil Service route.

For contract jobs, many of the companies search the major job boards for their initial field of candidates, so make sure your resume is up to date there. Some small companies, such as the one I work for, rely on employee-referrals rather than resume submissions, but I wouldn't let that deter you.

As for companies, I think General Dynamics is still in Germany. Northrup-Grumman has a big presence here as well, and I think their main focus, as many of the companies listed above, is in the IT arena. My company is a sub to Northrup here in Wiesbaden.

If you have a specific location in mind, such as Stuttgart for instance, try searching for that particular base's website. Find the contact information for the Civilian Personnel Office, or whatever it is called, and reach out directly to them to see what positions are available. Many of those will be targetted for people already there, spouses, etc, but you just might get lucky.

Good luck to you!
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