Bored at work - ways to keep entertained

What's your favourite distraction?

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Hello all! Another Monday, another assignment free week. When they told me that I would work much less here in Germany than in the States, I didn't expect to have soooooo much free time on my hands. I feel like that cartoon, where the computer informs you that you have visited every site on the internet...

So, other than browsing through chat forums, what is you favorite way to entertain yourself at work? Just curious...
This site and F1 sites...pretty much entertains me all day
Sometimes I like to read Annual Reports of corportations (like Starbucks). Its actually good reading and often has interesting information - well, at least the "To our shareholders" section.

the reports are fee, full of nice pictures, and also "work related" in that it's an annual report and your co-workers won't look at you too funny...

and I believe that Victoria Secrets is a publicly traided company...
Try this site out. That should take you until Wednesday.

I particularly like: HA HA HA
@ Chicago - you must be one sick puppy...i'm a CPA, i audit banks and insurance companies for a living. i can't believe you actually read those things for fun!!! but thanks...i guess u are one of the reasons i have a job.
well, I didn't say that you should read the financials, the auditors notes, or the changes in accounting practices. I spoke about the pretty pictures and statements on strategy / results...
How to use pratical students efficiently. no smiley pun intended
UrbanAngel is pretty funny
Waiter Rant is v entertaining too, but he doesn't write every day -
Also, the BBC news site -
or check out a thread with Website Recommendations on this site.

Non-internet related ways to entrtain myself are : virtually non-existent, since I'm not allowed to take breaks (apart from at lunch) or leave my phone. Gossiping with other colleagues is the only possibility.
eriiki tubbs
I write catch-up emails to my friends spread out over the world whenever I have a few hours here and there... Perhaps not so entertaining, but outside of work I never seem to find any time for something like this...
Doesnt Toytown entertain you enough? ... 6 different forum subjects, picture gallery, calender, live chat, karma ratings ...I have to actually ask Editor bob to block my access as i dont get work done...
Im soooo bored...
not me honest
Here you go Nicole
(well it will keep you amused for about 65 secs anyway)

The Unusual Excuses! (for forgetting your homework)

• A lady threw my bag in the river

• My tortoise ate it

• House was struck by lightning - computer exploded

• The hamster has made a nest out if it

• We were at a Falconry display, and a golden eagle called Herman swooped down a went off with my jeans jacket - which had my homework in

• I was in a car crash and got taken to hospital

• My pet snake was sleeping on it

your right...about 65 seconds...but it was a good 65 seconds
not me honest
Nicole here is another one
Its inspired by a British comedy show but you don't need to have seen it to do the quiz
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