Chinese Medicine in Munich

Any recommendations for practitioners?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for doctors practising Chinese medicine in Munich?

The internet says...

TCM Wong, Tancheng
Dachauer Str. 21 a
80333 München
Tel.: (0 89) 54 74 0900

TCM Zentrum
Ludwigstr. 11
80539 München
Tel.: (0 89) 28 80 780

I've walked past the place on Ludwigstr many times and it certainly looks like the kind of place I'd recommend if I was into that kind of thing.
Thanks Keydeck
Dr Hummelsberger:
Hackenstraße 7c
80331 München

- he speaks almost perfect English!
Has anyone been to the Praxis für Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (i.e. Tancheng Wong) and is willing to let me know if the experience was positive (or negative)? You can PM me if you don't want to publish your "review".

I'm searching for an acupuncturist and her practice looked the most legit (but that is just judging by the look of the office from the street and the website which is bad criteria by which to choose the person who will put needles in your skin). Thanks!
I can recommend this TCM doctor:

Dr Christoph Malisch
Ladehofstr 12
85540 Haar

089 45463360
@Dilbert- Thank you

@Pig- Of course I searched and there was no one who had shared their firsthand experience with this provider on TT.

Aren't you smart with your little Chinese comment. Did I pass your elitist test by being able to use Google Translate in addition to the search function? 这是一个耻辱针灸不会解决您的不足之处
The TCM Zentrum on Ludwigsstrasse gets several very bad reviews on Google. If you google "Akupunktur München", you get lots of hits, and many of them are extensively reviewed by users (though all of it is written in German).
Thanks, Tom. I had been searching in English with the hopes of finding an English speaking provider. I can surely get by at the doc in German but I am still green on my health related words and so the crutch helps...especially with needles involved . Gesundheit!
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