Avast firewall does not turn on after update

Update: fixed, but still no response from Avast

Does anyone have any advice on how to get an Avast firewall to finally activate?

I have received a notification that the firewall is set to home network.
I have received error messages:
"The following components could not be started: Mail Shield, IM Shield, P2P Shield, File System Shield, Webshield, Anti-Spam, Scriptshield, Behavior Shield, Network Shield"
and - under Firewall/Maintenance
"Module is not running"
I have tried clicking on "Fix now" and "turn on" - no reaction.
I have contacted Avast twice today and have not yet received a response.

Thank you in advance!
Was it an Avast update or a Windows update? If it was a Windows update you can uninstall the package, usually called KBxxxxxxx where xxx is a big number.
Directly from Avast, I've been with them for two years now.
Again, thank you to all the capable, helpful and altruistic people out there; any on topic suggestions welcome.
I assume you've tried phoning them? They don't publish a support number, but this general number might be useful in view of their tech support lack of response: +420 274 005 666

I'd be interested in the outcome since I've been thinking of switching to avast when my AVG licence runs out in December...
Thank you for the phone number, I will report.

EDIT: The person at extension 666 is not available, please record a message.
I tried that 666 number and it was as you said a voicemail box. I can only suggest you try phoning or faxing the other numbers (including the Sales numbers) listed here. If you try and fail through no want of trying, feel free to tell 'em I don't think I'll be switching to them in December!
EDIT: The person at extension 666 is not available, please record a message.
Hmm, ext 666, wonder where they could possibly be......HELL maybe?

Have you tried to uninstall Avast and then reinstall?
In the absence of any support bods, you could try reapplying the update manually.
I went through Settings and updated Avast.
Now the Real Time Shields won't let itself get turned on either.
Baby Jebus with a moustache, what a way to waste a Saturday evening!
Anyway, I uninstalled the stupid program, Windows started yelling at me about missing anti-virus software, the PC is still screaming bloody murder (it does that when it's riding the net bareback), I reinstalled Avast network protection, Windows was still yelling about the anti-virus, it wouldn't let me turn on Avast although it was right there in the software list, total Dirndl cleavage tits-uppedness.

I shut down and restarted the PC at least three times, now things seem to have returned to normal. Avast shows the firewall working, Windows isn't upset about anti-virus and I need a drink.

Thank you all for the useful information, it's good to know that enough people are willing to help that those who could and don't - for whatever reason - are negligible.
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