What is the "weird old tip"?

For cutting down belly fat

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I keep seeing these ads everywhere: Cut down a bit of your belly every day by using this one weird old tip. Click here!

I'll admit it: I'm afraid to click. I worry I won't get the answer until I give them my e-mail address, and then I'll be spammed till I can't use even my "garbage" yahoo account anymore. Or worse, maybe they'll steal my identity, and then I'll be a zombie.

Has anybody been brave and actually clicked? WHAT is the weird old tip???

All musings and guesswork also accepted. Just click on that "reply" button down there. I promise I won't spam you!
I've seen it too, in German. Haven't clicked though. Probably just want to con you into buying some fake diet pill.
Someone called Brandi on Yahoo Answers claims

yah its a silly ad im not sure if its true but it says your never supposed to eat the same thing in one day. for example if you eat a nutragrain bar in the morning your body wont store it as fat because you just introduced it to your body but if you decided to eat it again later in the evening, your body will say oh its that thing again well i just store it.

thats what they said whats that weird tip, im not 100% sure if it works but who knows..
Weird? Off the wall. How far should you take it? One baked bean?
Whew. At least it's got nothing to do with breastfeeding.
cinzia and crusoe are greenie deservers (and precious 0.5% of posts!)for posing the question and doing the research. Those ads are like eyeworms.

By the way, I'm pretty sure the "mom" tee hee who says that you can get rid of stains on your teeth for under $10 is referring to using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution with water on your teeth, since most expensive whitening trays at dentists are gel solutions of peroxide.
The "mom" in question apparently combined free trial packs of two proprietary tooth-whitening products, which doubled their effectiveness. It says here.
Oh, and here.
But the mom's name has changed from Janet to Cathy. Perhaps she changed her name to go with her new teeth.
I also get a lot of "A Mom in [my town in Minnesota] lost 25 pounds without even trying! Click to find out how!"

Since I heard a serious radio program over the weekend, interviewing someone who advocates swallowing hookworms to rid yourself of allergies and other unwanted immune system responses, I'm not sure I want to know how to lose 25 pounds without trying.
Well, I remember learning if you have tapeworms you lose weight. Hooks I don't think do much for you except perhaps cause you to possibly become anemic oh and most likely get bad smelling poop and possibly diarrhea.
Not that I've had them, but we've (we=foster dogs at my house. NOT humans!) been combating them for over 3 months and I think they'll finally be gone in the next few weeks.
There is absolutely no way to lose a lot of weight "without trying". No magic pill, secret or weird tip. You have to stop eating so much, and start exercising a lot. It's hard work.
Crusoe, that's a good find, that Yahoo answers thing, but Brandi is full of shit.

I'm a nutrition engineering team leader* and I can tell you the truth is exactly the opposite of what Brandi has put forth. If you introduce a substance that has been missing, your body will store it, much like you get bloated when you are actually dehydrated. Your body is questioning whether you'll get water again, so it holds on to what's left. The best way for your body to shed pounds is to cram it with the same substances every day. In my case this is beer and chicken. Repulsed by more beer and chicken, and confident that more beer and chicken is just around the corner, my body doesn't hold on to an ounce of it and I stay rail thin. That is the weird old tip.

*No I'm not.

works for men aswell
Brandi is full of shit.
Agreed, but nothing that a course of tapeworms won't cure. And I must try your nutrition regime sometime. (Like tomorrow breakfast.)
Not that I've had them, but we've (we=foster dogs at my house. NOT humans!) been combating them for over 3 months and I think they'll finally be gone in the next few weeks.
Little did you know, you're sitting on a gold mine, there, mere. According to last week's This American Life (NPR radio show, for you non-Americans), people actually infect themselves with hookworm and then clean them out of their own feces and sell them for other people to swallow. You could skip the step where you are the hookworm farm, and just harvest them from the dogs. Sell 'em on eBay, make a mint.

I would think that the act of eating the worms, if not the worms' action, would kill your appetite for awhile, anyway. The worm-farm guy said he can actually feel them in there.
ignore it and...
...errr go for a run...duhhh
Cinzia, Great idea.
I already pick up dog poop, but not too keen on digging through so if I make enough I could hire someone for that part of the job. Perhaps when the vet does a fecal float I can ask them to give me all the worms they collect (if they aren't killed during the test)... definite possibilities. Thanks Cinzia and 'I heard it on NPR'. Perhaps I can get my next trip/vacation or a new car paid for with this idea.
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