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Need Guidance On How To Setup My WLAN

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Hello guys,

For your information, I'm a student who just arrived here for 4 months and recently I have subscribed to Alive for my internet connection purpose. Nevertheless, I found out that I have difficulties in setting up the WLAN. Although I have inserted the CD which came along with the package into my laptop in order to configure, it stopped at one stage which it indicates that " The DNS server isn't responding". Can you guys enlighten me. What should I do next step? Thanks in advance!
Hi, I also went through similar problems with Alice. I'm assuming you are using the WLAN device that Alice provide, this is where you went wrong because it is sh*t!! This is a combined WLAN device and modem, both of which you need for a WLAN setup as per this link.

Diagram of wireless lan

The only thing that fixed it for me was buying a replacement WLAN unit and using the Alice device as a modem only. Once you have this, don't use the Alice CD, just use your windows help to set up the worked perfectly and I haven't had any problems since.

Good luck!!
Here is a nice tutorial on how to use the thing:
I still can't solve the problem. Anyone here please help me ...
Hi Jeffrey, did you solve the problem already?
I have taken a new Alice Connection as well and they have supplied a DSL Modem (which does not have a wi-fi router built in).
Tonight I will try to figure out the whole thing as I have not yet set it up.

Fingers crossed as of now

I will update the thread in a few days. After reading a few posts on TT about setting up an Alice connection, it feels like tonight I am going to wage a war with my modem and the internet connection. Lets hope I can win. And if I do, I will come right here to announce my triumph

As for your problem, if you do have a modem with an inbuilt wifi router, then I suggest you try connecting your laptop with a proper WIRE to the modem and get the internet connection up and running without WLAN. Just plain old LAN, set that up first. Once you do that, try setting up the WLAN on the same laptop.
Unfortunately, NOPE! I still can't figure it out. Currently, I'm using broadband which I have set up last time. I really have no idea what is the difference between broadband and the ordinary LAN? Any difference? Anyway, all the best for your setting up of your internet. Last but not least, hope that you can help me to ask your friends if any of them know how to configure the WLAN as actually I need it as my connection is being shared by my GF too.
hi Jeffery, are you still getting the error re. the DNS?

if so, it could be that you have specified a DNS server (as opposed to letting the DHCP server provide that value) that is not available to you via the Alice network.

could you go to a command prompt and type: ipconfig /all

for security sake, you can send that info to me in a PM.
I have PM you. Thanks in advance!
hi Jeffery,

i got your PM and it is as i suspected....your network client is giving your adapter a private IP address scheme ( but you have the same adapter hardset to use a publicly IP'd DNS server (, need to go into the adapter TCPIP settings and select the "Obtain DNS Server address automatically"....

W00t! I have my Alice up and running
Not much problems here. Try setting everything to automatic and play around a bit and you will get through too!

One more victory in my kitty
I have went to " Control Panel" --> "Network and Internet" --> "Network Connection" and right click the Wireless Network Connection icon. After that, I chose "Properties" and then select Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Then, I click "Properties". In "General" tab, both showed that obtain IPv6 address and DNS Server address automatically. No difference. I have done the same thing to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
I'd love to help, but I'm not sure what you're trying to do and where the installation is failing. If you're using a 'broadband' connection in Windows (with your login/pass I assume?), then chances are the device is functioning as a modem, not a router. Can you access the router's web interface when you go to ?
When I click on the, it directed me to Alice Application windows and required me to enter my password. But, I don't know what is the password. Since when I got password? I'm quite noob here and please enlighten me. Thanks!
You're on the right track now, although there should be no need to log into the configuration of the router/modem.

Apparently your girl's computer's connection works properly, just your laptop cannot connect? Then it could be an encryption problem of the WLAN connection.

Look at the bottom of the 1121 and write down the SSID and WPA-2 data. This you need to enter in the WLAN connection of your laptop, otherwise it won't be able to connect to the 1121 at all (besides wire connection, as mentioned above by zeiger). Did you follow the steps suggested by k0be in that link? Does the ping work?

And then, I'd stay with IPv4 and not experiment with IPv6 at this stage.
I have tried it before and it linked me to this. After that, I clicked on "Einrichtungsassistent" and it directed me to "Kenwort Schutz". When I clicked the icon "Weiter", it directed me to "Internetzugang" and I can't click on the "Benutzername" and " Passwort". I ignored them and click "Weiter". Lastly, it showed that "Der Verbindungsaufbau ist fehlgeschlagen"

Help me.
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