How do you cycle from Erlangen to Nuremberg?

Can't find the Radweg

So, coming from Paul Gossen Strasse you come to an underpass. I presume you go through this and onwards, somewhere, to Nuremberg. Which way is it though? Or am I totally wrong? (And how many kilometres is it?)
Heading west on Paul Gossen Strasse, go under Frankenschnellweg (73) to the canal. Bike paths run fully on at least one, sometimes both sides of the canal.
Ah, okay, I had been looking for the way at the eastern end of Paul Gossen Strasse.
That is easy. Paul Gossen strasse becomes the B4 so just keep going straight ahead it takes you past tennenlohe, Boxdorf and follows the B4 all the way in to Nuremberg. However once you get to the Ring Road the bike path disappears!
Heading west on Paul Gossen Strasse, go under Frankenschnellweg (73) to the canal. Bike paths run fully on at least one, sometimes both sides of the canal.
Ok, but here's the (potential) problem: Westwards on Paul Gossen Strasse, after the Ausere Brucke junction, the cycle path abruptly ends. Are you supposed to cycle on the actual dual carriageway all the way out to the canal?

Or, heading east, the Radweg on Paul Gossen Strasse eastbound is off the roadway on a side-walk/footpath, which then leads into an underpass. On the other side of this underpass there are no directions; again, are cyclists supposed to cycle on the dual carriageway along with all the motorised traffic?

(Sorry for being annoying!)
If you are heading east and ride past the ford dealer the path curves slightly and goes down hill. Do not turn left into the underpass but continue straight ahead and the path goes up hill and comes to a set of traffic lights. Go across the lights and the path continues parallel to the B4. If you look on Google maps you can see the path clearly in satellite view if you get rid of the labels. And there are signs there that point towards Nuremberg

Going west I am not sure

Thanks Balk - made it out as far as Tennenlohe, at which point the cycle path seems to end, so again, no idea where to go. You come to a service area/fuel station and then an intersection which looks like it's for cars only.
Yeah that can be a bit confusing. Make a right and then make the first left next to the hotel. Then follow straight on and the path picks up again and goes up over the A3, it actually looks like a road because it is in effect a road used by farmers etc. Just as you almost roll to a standstill after screaming down the overpass you will come to a road go across the road and the bike path will start again. Follow it around to the right and not up and over the B4 and the path is there all they way untill the ring road. At that point you reach Bucher str and need to take to the road for a bit but it is not too bad just need to keep your eyes open.

Alternatively if you are game you can ride through the Tennenlohe forest but it is easy to get turned around and end up riding all over the forest if you are not careful.

Im a new user on TT. I just moved to Erlangen early March.

Tried the ride to nurnberg yesterday. thanks for the tips it was pretty helpful.
FYI, its about 20km to the centre i think, but the sign at the start, at Paul Gossen Str, says 14km.
Took us about 45 mins (roughly, i wasnt really counting), riding pretty casually, not fast.

There were a couple of Not Obvious parts;
Started at PG str near Freyesleben Str. follow the signs.
First, you come off the "radweg" at Tennelohe and take the road for a while (~2km). Mostly you can take a side road or the pedestian path though. you stay on the same road til a T junction at Wetterkreuz. here go right (away from Highway), then first left after 30m or so. Follow that - initially its a road but it becomes a bike path. it comes to T junctioin after the skatepark, which swings right: here you cross the road and resume the path, which goes left and then swings right, parallel to the motorway.
Then you esentially follow this all the way to the centr of Nurnberg. you're riding along Erlanger Str for a large part and you can ride the road or pedestrian path. All in all it was pretty nice ride.

Hope this helps.

BTW, anyone selling a bike in Erlangen? A few other guys who are new here need one. Second hand in the shop is expensive, and new ones arent ideal for shorter stays.
Did you look at Zweirad Stadler in Furth Bislohe? They not only have great deals on new but also offer used bikes as well. Last year I bought a new Trek for my wife that was very well priced. Worth a look.
Hey Balk,

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out sometime soon. (I think i remember seeing it as we rode past?)

FYI, a couple of guys have got bikes from the "E-werk association" - im not sure what the professional name of this organisation is, but its a workshop in downtown Erlangen (next to E-werk nightclub/disco). Here they have a huge pile of used spare parts which you can buy very cheap, and tools you can borrow for free for DIY repairs. (i got a repalacement chain wheel and pedal arm assembly for 3.50!)
There are also some guys working there who will help you out.
They also sell bikes which have been traded in (for free) and repaired. You can get a completely working, albiet old, bike for ~50eur.

A great option if new to town and low on cash.

Go to the Tourist Info place in Erlangen (near the Rathaus) and you can buy a cycling map for Erlangen and the surrounding area.
Check out this cool online map a coworker of mine showed me.
The trick is to click the plus sign on the top right of the screen, and select "Cycle map".
It loads really slow, so if you get blank pages, just be calm, and wait.
But when it loads, it is a great map with many routes between ER and N.
tonights route:

L Schenk
R SA G2 ??? Erwin-Rommel
S Erwin-Rommel
R ERH8 Egerland
L 2 Ausere Nurnberger
R Sebastian
R Wetterkreuz
L Reutlesser
L Reutleser
and then just follow the B4 bike path into N.
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