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How to stop or reduce the noise


I've noticed that my refrigerator makes a frequent buzzing sound which is a little bit annoying at times. It seems the only way to really stop it is by lowering the coldness setting, but then, it's too low to keep food reasonably chilled. Is there something that can be done to fix/stop the buzzing? A few people have commented on it while at my place, so I'm thinking it's not totally normal. Is a replacement in order?

a good kicking often works wonders
actually I've had a similar problem now and again. I usually twist the coldness setting down (as you do too). At a certain threshold it seems to click and the buzzing goes off. Then you can twist the dial back up to its original setting and the buzzing usually stays absent. It may come back after a while (days) but then you can always flick the dial again. Have had this on and off for a year or so and fridge hasn't broken down yet
We used to have this too. We generally used to hit it hard on the top and it normally stopped. We did notice that one of the feet wasn't set right so the fridge wasn't sitting on the floor square. We adjusted it which helped too!
dr warner
unplug it?

On the buzz topic: such a sound usually comes from one of 2 sources:
- the compressor / pump, or
- an electrical problem.

1st check if the pump is securely fastened to the frame (where the pump's feet are attached to a sheet metal piece - this piece is often supported by springs / rubber cushions - so it can move / vibrate without shaking the entire fridge). You may want to be sure that things are "clean" here too. If this doesn't help, the pump may be imbalanced - which can cause "excessive" vibration or buzzing. You could replace the pump enirely.

If the buzz is not caused by the motion / vibration of the pump itself, there may be an electrical problem - which can be dangerous. so you may want to call for professional repair / service.

also note, a fridge is a mecanical device - some noise is normal.
Our old fridge made that buzzing sound too. It got worse just before we went on our three week vacation. Apparently, it stopped working shortly afterward because when we got back from vacation, well...what a big stiink!!! It was the most disgusting thing I think I have ever smelled.
Is there any ice in it? Try defrosting the thing. Then clean the coils at the back with a vacuum cleaner. Then see if it's not balanced properly on its legs. If that's the case, shove something underneath the legs to balance it or if you have a better model, you can just screw the legs up or down a bit by twisting on them.

If these tips don't work long term, you probably need to think about getting a new fridge.
if your able to pull the fridge out hoover the back of it. if a lot of dust has built up on it, it can cause it to work extra hard to compensate
At night time my freezer seems to have some problem (why night time I don't know). But it hums, I guess the fan and the cooler are working, perhaps just ticking over. But the humming noise resonates and ends up being quite loud. So say I leave it closed for 4 hours, and then it suddenly hums for the next few hours, and I can't do anything about it. The temperature is correct as far as I have noticed.

Is there something wrong with the freezer ?

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Have you tried moving it a centimeter away from the wall?
Weren't you the one that asked about the freezer yesterday? If it's too iced up inside the motor has to run too hard to maintain the correct temperature. Defrost the damn thing and good luck!
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