Moving to Ulm or Laupheim

Need advice

Hello all those living in Ulm,

I received an offer to work for a language company in Laupheim. I am trying to decide whether or not to move to Ulm or Laupheim.
How is the commute? I know its only 16km, so it must be easy and relatively inexpensive.

I am also looking for a WG (preferably) in either town.

Can you give me any suggestions on good places to live in Ulm? What is the going rate for a WG or flat/apartment?

And of course, I will be looking for fellow English speakers. Are there any meetups? Nice places to hang out in Ulm.

I am an M.A. student from the U.S. and speak good German. Are there any other teaching jobs for English native speakers in Ulm?

Thanks for your help!
Hi Charlotte;

I live in Ulm since 1 year. I can say something about Ulm. I am sorry but i have no idea about Laupheim.
You can live Ulm or Neu-Ulm side. Ulm side a little bit expensive but most of the cafes, restaurants and bars in Ulm side. You can find one room flat apr. 350-650€ or WG 200-300€.
Actually there are lots of student in Ulm so i think u can find the place so easly.
Btw there are some language courses here in Ulm; may be u can find extra job for u.
Good luck
Hi Charlotte,

I open again this topic, as I find myself in a similar situation as you were. I start working in Laupheim in March, and need to decide whether to move to Laupheim or Ulm.

Did you decide for the commute in the end? How's your experience about that?

Not sure you're gonna read this, but thank you anyway

I live in Ulm and I work in Laupheim. I can answer any questions about both.

The drive is a piece of cake. good roads, quick commute.
Been living in the Ulm/Laupheim area for the past 11 years.

Normally the transport from Ulm to Laupheim is good, takes around 15 minutes. Expect to take much longer in winter and when any disruptions happen in the tunnel. (Renovations, lorries getting stuck, etc). Laupheim is a quieter place and if you want more social activities then Ulm is the place to be. Great rail links so plenty of opportunities to see the rest of Germany and beyond without a car.

There are a few language schools in Ulm. My father in law is director of studies in Inlunguia in Ulm so will ask if they are looking for any English teacher and post back.

If you need any more info about the area feel free to ask. )

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