Family reunion in Munich

Locations for large family gathering

My extended family is planning to gather in Munich for a week this coming summer. For past gatherings in other locations, we've rented large homes with multiple bedrooms, enough to sleep the 15-20 people in our group. Finding such a location in Munich seems challenging. Of course, we could take rooms in a hotel. But we like to gather to socialize in the evenings, perhaps with a bottle of wine or a puzzle to share, young kids in pajamas. Difficult to gather that way in a hotel lobby.

I hope the members of this forum might have some creative suggestions, perhaps for guest houses, locations outside Munich accessible by train, or unconventional hotels that might meet our needs. Your local expertise much appreciated! Thanks.
The one place that comes to mind is:

We have stayed there and it is a lovely old house turned into a little hotel. In the house itself are 6 double rooms each with own bath and 6 single/double rooms with shared bath. (This might work for the children.) They have a very cute dining area for breakfast and that might work perhaps for evening gatherings. The trick would be to find a time-frame in the summer where you could book out the entire hotel for your reunion. The hotel is right next to a quaint little biergarten (one of our favorites)which would be great for evening meals. And it is also right next to the lake in the Englischergarten (Munich's Central Park) and a 5 minute walk to the famous Seehaus biergarten, which is a must during your visit, and great for a large family gathering. There are many possibilities for family outings in the park - great for the kids to feed the ducks, take paddle boat rides in the summer and great for morning runs, evening strolls or daytime bike rides.

The hotel also owns an apartment building next door where they have 20 apartments(we have stayed there too). These rooms have mini kitchenettes, which might be nice for some of the family members to make meals for young fussy eaters or just to have a bit of milk, bread, etc. in the fridge, but it's not in the house itself and it is a more 70's style building, not as cute and charming as the house. They also own and manage the Hotel Biederstein which is only a 5 min walk away, a cute boutique type hotel. See their website here: All 3 properties are about a 10 min walk to the U-bahn station U3/U6 M√ľnchener Freiheit and from there you can be in the city center in no time at all.

When I spoke to the receptionist this morning, she suggested for a large family gathering and the possibility to book out the entire hotel you should talk directly to the manager - her name is: Roselinde Zankl, she speaks english, and her contact info is on the website. As you would be booking for a large group it wouldn't hurt to see if you can get a bit of a discounted rate as well. She also mentioned that if you weren't able to book the entire hotel (say due to availability for your dates) there would be many possibilities between the 3 properties I mentioned above to accomodate 15-20 guests and they are all more or less next to each other. Just be prepared that these are European size rooms and bathrooms, which will be on the smallish size for what you might be used to in the USA. But that is pretty much what you will find here! PM if you want any more information.
I've had people stay at the Hotel Englischer Garten too, it is really nice. is another one I've meant to have people try out.
I am looking into the places you suggested. Meanwhile, thank you very much for the thoughtful and thorough replies!
A follow-up word of appreciation to those who provided information about this hotel. An excellent location, with good facilities across the three buildings, as described. Between the hotel breakfast areas and the nearby Osterwald beer garden, we had plenty of room to gather, although the rainy weather encouraged staying mostly indoors. More generally, the Toytown forums provided a number of good ideas about activities, restaurants and so forth. Thanks for your help!
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