Open mic nights in Berlin?

Looking for good open mic nights in Berlin?

Could anyone suggest any good (and ideally free!) open mike nights running in Berlin at the moment?
I'm a singer singwriter, new to Berlin, and haven't played in a while so looking for somewhere non-scary to give it a bash, as it where..
Ideally in Neukoelln/ Kreuzberg area.

schokoladen has a good regular one:

it's in mitte though.

you can try asking in cafe's and small restaurants as well. Often they're open to having acoustic players during the evening. Whether you get any scratch is up to them though.
And anyone know of any weekly blues sessions?
Don't know about blues sessions, but there's a jazz night on Tuesdays at Edelweiss in Görlitzer Park. Re: Open Mic...I just went to a lovely one at Madame Claude, near Schlesisches Tor on Lübbener Str, which is on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. There's also a good open mic night at Lux, again near Schlesisches Tor, on every Wednesday. Hope that helps!
some more open mic nights...

Friday night - 7 Stufen, Großbeerenstraße 32, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg. 2 free drinks if you play.

Tuesday night - Lagari, Pflügerstraße 19, 12047 Berlin
There's an open mic night at Cafe Mano on Gorlitzer Strasse once a month (I think those details are correct - went a while ago!!) - which sometimes has English-speaking readers mixed in with the Germans. It's a good night, and if you want to read you get a free drink - if you want to watch it's 3 Euros to get in....
Hey there, a newish open mic night has opened up in Mitte. Every Thursday - Sign up is at 8.30 / 9pm open stage.
The staff are really friendly and the venue is really nice. Veteranenstr. 21, B- Mitte, U Bahn Rosenthaler Pl.
@ tcosy uk I have been there last week thursday it was sooo much a place I will definately frequent...
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