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Good offers for six months only in Germany

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Hello guys, I'm going to Germany to study a semester there. So I'm going to stay only six months. What good mobile companies do you recommend? Also what offers?
I noticed that all companies require contracts for 2 years, but the problem is that I'm staying only 6 months

I need also mobile Internet if it's cheap for students. The DSL in my room will have the bandwidth limited so I'm considering mobile Internet cuz I can't change the DSL company in my room. There's a contract with this company and the building.

It appears that I can't find a good offer to get a mobile phone + mobile Internet + mobile services for 6 months only. All companies require 2 years contracts

I hope if you can help
You could check out the "Mein Base" tarif from Base. It has a 2 year contract but no base monthly charge, so you get 30 mins and 30 sms free to other Base/E-Plus mobiles free every month. You pay for other calls, or can add any of the various flat rates they do (such as €10/month internet flat rate from your mobile or €20/month flat rate from a laptop), but the flat rates only have a minimum duration of 1 month, so you can cancel these before you leave, and all your left with is the underlying contract which is free anyway.
I'd look at simyo.de. 1Gb for 9.99 euros per month, and cheap prepaid, great for 6 months.
Alternatively.. O2O from O2 can be cancelled with a months notice and has no monthly fee. For €10 per month you get 200mb internet usage on there (they have other options for more data, but I forget).
Thanks guys. But there's something I can't understand about contracts and please I need some clarification.

What if I made a contract with Vodafone or O2 for two years for Mobile Internet and Calls, then canceled the contract after 6 months. Is that possible? In that case what should I pay? Do I have to pay only monthly charges? I don't mind paying 30 Euros every month. But should I pay anything If I cancel the contract after 6 months?!

The only thing I understood is that, if I get made a contract for calls + New mobile phone, then I will have to pay money for the mobile phone if I cancel the contract. But what if only Mobile Internet + Calls?! Is there such thing?
If you are staying only for 6 months, stay away from any 24 month (or 12 month) contracts. Cancellation is not easy and most likely you will end up paying the fixed charges for the rest of the months.
That's good advice. It's very difficult if not impossible to cancel a 24 month contract early and there are plenty of cheap pay as you go plans that make more sense in your situation.
OK guys can you please suggest good O2 or Vodafone offers for students? Sure pay as you go, as you recommended. As I said, I need calls + Mobile Internet. I need fast Internet cuz my Internet has limited bandwidth in my room. I don't want to pay for that limited Internet. I unlimited bandwidth, and I hope the prices are cheaper for Internet Mobile. Cuz I'll have to pay like 20 Euros for that limited bandwidth

I can't change the company as I said, cuz the building has a contract.
Is this what I need: http://www.o2online.de/nw/assets/shop/popups/pageframe.html?type=tariff&variantName=TariffDetailsLong&portalId=NewCustomerWebshopASC-O-PGO-S

I don't know German very well

Does that include 3G Internet?
Best deal on Mobile Internet?

I pay Tchibo*, using the o2 mobile network, 19,95€ per month for Unlimited Mobile Internet access on their Internet-Flatrate XL with a Data transfer rate of “up to” 3Mb/s.

Standard-Inlands-Surf-Tarif: 0,24 €/MB, charged per 400 KB packet

Internet-Tages-Flatrate für 2,95 €/Kalendertag (0 - 24 Uhr) 1 GB per CALENDAR day

Option Internet-Paket € 9,95 includes 500 MB per month; usage beyond Flatrate inclusion has a cost per MB: € 0,24. charged per 400 KB packet.

Option Internet-Flatrate XL 19,95 € Unlimited, but throttled after 5 GB per month.

Theoretically, is throttled (as I’ve exceeded 6 or 7GB every month since mid-October and although I experienced throttling to 56kb/s it was only for about 2days on 3 occasions, but my account has never been charged for excess Mbs) for Up and Download speeds to max. 64 kBit/s (as ISDN-speed).

All Tchibo mobile Internet usage excludes SMS, Videotelefony und VoIP.

HSDPA: to use HSDPA (3,6 MBit/s) you need HSDPA-capable equipment, SIM-card and Tariff must allow UMTS. HSDPA-speed is available in, and around, most large cities via the o2 Mobile network. Outside the HSDPA areas Data transfer is via UMTS or GPRS.

Internet Stick and Registration:

Tchibo’s Internet Stick** (from Huawei) is currently on offer reduced by 10€ to 39€ including an o2 SIM card and “3 days free surfing”. Charge the SIM card number with at least the amount of Euros to cover the intended months Tariff + Flatrate you intend to book. Once you run the software CD it will intuitively lead you through a simple installation, plug in the dongle, (I put mine on a 1.5m USB cable to aid flexible positioning.) and then call Tchibo to register.

This call, from another mobile phone, took me 10min because I asked the very helpful lady too many questions and consequently cost me 10€. If you’re likely to need time, especially if your German is limited then use a landline.

Tariff and Flatrate options you book are automatically renewed monthly, provided your SIM card is in credit at months end or within 48hours thereafter, unless you choose to cancel.

Internet Stick reception:

My bandwidth/ Up and Download speed experience based on 5 months usage with a static laptop in a village 10 miles/16km outside Mainz is that, as with all cell-based mobile technology, the availability of HSDPA and even UMTS depend heavily on demand in the immediate and surrounding area.

Even weather appears to have a mixed effect, varying signal strength to lows of 7% and highs of 46%. YouTube video works above 40% on UMTS or 20% on HSDPA, but if it switches to GPRS or falls below those strengths then I either S-L-O-W-L-Y download to watch later or bookmark for another day.

Having read about (and proved by trial) vast improvement of DVB-TV reception using semi-tubular aluminium foil shrouding and bearing in mind my nearest DVB-TV sending site is 30km away whereas the local cell-masts are within a radius of 5km from me I did some experimental shrouding and..? Amazing results! “UP to” 97%.., but STILL just as variable.

*Initial scepticism?

I did have a little early confusion with Tchibo deducting my 1[sup]st[/sup] months payment and then 24hrs later sending an SMS telling me I had no credit and unless I recharged it within 48hrs I would lose my Internet access.

I searched the Interwebby and found a several for a carrying threads about problems installing or initialising Internet use via Tchibo. Many related to 2008 offers which had included 3months of 10GB and early 2009 offers of 3x 5GB. Pity Tchibo, or any other company, don’t track customer-started gripe threads about their product/service or they might learn how to increase sales by reducing misunderstandings.

I did become somewhat sceptical, however time and patience has proven that this was no more than a typical modern problem of all companies when they have no real concept of Customer Service.

Phoning Call Centres is pointless when they are staffed by routine registration people who are not trained to deal with unnerved customers and cannot handle explaining to the upper level techies that their “oh, so efficient” software is probably losing new customers en masse.

Every month my credit is deducted and 24hrs later I’m warned I will lose my service if I don’t recharge within 48hrs. 6 to 12hrs later my Flatrate is renewed for anther month.

**Internet Stick purchase?

If you already have a suitable Stick or Mobile device you could just pick up the SIM card, but I’ve no idea how you would then install the Mobile Partner software you’d need to establish automatic billing etc.

Thanks for you efforts, but this is also not suitable for me, because the speed drops after using the 5GB
OK, so while I was writing all that BS in Word I missed the Info about your present o2 line in house etc. However the link you showed for o2 is NOT for pre/paid tarrifs.
Somewhere in my bookmarks is a very comprehensive mobile tarrif comparison site. Give me an hour and let me post it before you sweat about o2.
I do not use o2 for telephone, although I DO have D1, D2,and o2 pre/paid SIM cards iun mobiles for Network internal advantages, the best telephone and SMS deal for my money is Aldi pre/paid via E+ network with their Flatrate option I pay 15Euros monthly for ALL telephone calls on Telekom landlines and E+ and SMS in E+.

CU L8r
Thanks for you efforts, but this is also not suitable for me, because the speed drops after using the 5GB
They all do that.

Like bal00 said, they all do that, throttling at 5GB, although your concern may be moot depending where you will be as, even outdoors,there are weakspots in the 3G coverage. I searched all I could find on the o2 site and the link bal00 posted and also this prepaid wicki, however I did not find an offer that I think exceeds the Tchibo one though I may have overseen something as my eyes are getting tired now.

I did find some Student deals in o2, but all were tied to 24 month contracts and the offers for Internet and Telephone were separate. Internet Stick 1Euro, monthly flat 20Euro, 5x 5Euro discount voucher, no 25Euro sign-on fee if you sign-on for 24months by 15 March. Telephone flatrate for students including a festnetz telephone number [includes calls and SMS in o2 network and landline calls Germanywide] costs 18Euro with a basic mobile phone, 12Euro without.

Hard to meet all your requirements without making some compromises, but whatever you decide good luck with the research and your studies, and welcome to Toytown. Have fun.
Thank you all guys for your great efforts
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