Fun places to take a 4 year old kid in NRW

Need recommendations from other parents

I am looking for fun places/activites to take my 4 year old son during weekends. We live in Dusseldorf, but pretty much I am open to hear from places all around NRW.

We have visited many places already, but I am sure there are some hidden gems out there we have not heard of. These are some of the places we can recommend to other parents reading this post:

Aquazoo and Nordpark (Dusseldorf)
Bobbolino Kinderwelt (Dusseldorf)
Dusselstrand pool (Dusseldorf)
Puppet theater (Dusseldorf)
Ketteler Hof (Haltern am See)
Okidoki Kinderland (Willich)
Krefeld pool
Several zoos (Wuppertal, Munster, Gelsenkirchen)
XXL (Duisburg)
Lego Center (Duisburg)
Schloss Burg
The Michael Schumacher Kart Center (Kempen)
CentrO Park and Sea Life (Oberhausen)
Xanten Roman ruins
Moviepark (Bottrop)

Any suggestions are welcomed.
There's an amuesement park called "Phantasialand" in Bruehl near Cologne. Although it is more targeted to older kids and young adults, they do have some facilities for little kids. You may check out their website and decide for yourself it this is suited. There's also SeaLIFE in Koenigswinter near Bonn . And of course there's the "Drachenfels", a popular place of excursions during summer time. It's a mountain (or more a hill) with a castle ruin on top and a fantastic view over the river Rhine and lots of legends revolving around Sigfrid and the dragon he killed. They used to have real donkeys you could ride on to the top, but of course you can also take the cog railroad
In a couple of years you could go to the Odysseum in Cologne.
Also some suggestions here from the Cologne tourism office.
try some of the theatres - most have excellent programmes for younger children.

I know it is 'Gelsenkirchen' and noone from Dusseldorf would normally come here but the Consoltheater is truely excellent and I can recommend it without hesitation.
Also : Gruga Park in Essen - lots of different play areas, train to ride, horse-rides as well, cafes, etc, etc,
Second the Gruga Park - my boys 5 and 2 love it there. Good in winter and summer and in the winter it's half price to go in.

My 5-y-o was quite taken with the museum at Neanderthal with the cavemen in and has asked to go back again!
Thank you so much to all of you who have replied with recommendations, we will surely check them out!
when the weather is better (ie. summer) you could try 'Ferienpark Blaue Lagune' - they have a beach: Am Heidesee 5, 47669 Wachtendonk. Bundesland : Nordrhein-Westfalen

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or there's a nice park/zoo/fort in Julich near Aachen but I forgot the name of it.
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