Unique German items to buy before leaving

Any suggestions of things to get before leaving?

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I'm leaving Germany and on my way back home in a few months (South Africa). I want to make sure I don't kick myself for not taking anything with. I haven't been here for too long and was wondering....... Does anyone have any suggestions for items that you would recommend buying before you leave? General and maternity / baby items suggestions would be great.

I think that it's nice to enjoy whatever the country has to offer. I'm sure there is plenty in SA that you will look forward to, for example, eating again.

However, I did by these plastic things for closing bags:


and send them to my sister and mum. Brilliant little devices. Useful for picnics and in the kitchen. You can probably get them in the supermarkets (can't remember where I got mine).
A cuckoo clock, a pair of ill-fitting ludicrously over-ornamented mens' jeans, long-shelf-life microwavable Currywurst snacks, Schlager CDs and a jumbo pack of Super Dickmanns.

I would recommend a swiss army knife
you have to make sure those jeans are tight fitting. even tighter if you are a guy...
you have to make sure those jeans are tight fitting. even tighter if you are a guy...
I like to break into "memory lane" when I come back, by bringing back certain spices I grew to like from a country, or certain products--like God Morgon cereal and "Salad spice" from Sweden. Although I guess it's Austrian, I brought back a few packages of Kaisersschmarrn, as well as some chocolate bars for icing cakes from Germany. (Luckily poppy seed filling is available in the Kosher section of the local grocery store.) Another thing I like to do is bring some toothpaste or another product back from the country. It's amusing to "read the cereal box," as it were, in the foreign language the essential product is printed in, to bring back memories.

So, whatever small product which has floated your boat while you were in Germany, I would recommend bringing back.

Maternity/kids stuff? I don't know about clothes in S.A., but the baby clothes all over Europe are really sweet and fashion forward. If you are trying to delight someone, a cute baby outfit that makes you smile wouldn't go wrong, I'd say.
not maternity but I always liked beer schnapps.
Box set of Tatort DVDs. Echtes Deutsche Kultur!
Kitchen knives such as W├╝sthof or Zwilling.
Birkenstocks (we take them over for people in Oz & NZ due to the price difference).
Christmas decorations.
A Laufrad for the kiddy.

If you have a shipping container, I'd get a beer bank and table set. Seriously. That's what will be going in mine one day. Preferably stamped with Augustiner, Tegenseer or Unertl. Plus brolly.
Well, I always have to take "Ungarisch Gewurzmischung" (Paprika), "Bohenkraut", "Sauergummis" and other good "Gummis" when I go over. German chocolates are always a big hit and the Christmas pyramids even more so, the candles to fit them too. Pity it's the wrong time of year for that. I miss quark and the good selection European cheeses when I'm in SA (SA supermarkets seem to have masses of boring gouda and cheddar and a very small and expensive selection of other yellow cheese), but biltong and other things more than compensate for this. Also good alcohol like Scotch whisky and French cognac .... costs much more in SA, and one can't get the selection one can get in Germany.

And I suppose German beer, but Windhoek lager on tap does it too.

Have a lovely time in SA, lucky thing!! Feb, March and April are great there, temperature-wise. And a great escape from the endless German winter.

PS, and for some very odd reason they don't seem to have "Waleda Wischmops" in SA
A half-litre beer mug - I drink my morning coffee out of one!

(due to low blood pressure, I have to drink a LOT of coffee!)
Box set of Tatort DVDs. Echtes Deutsche Kultur!
Tatort? Surely you mean Derrick?
However, I did by these plastic things for closing bags:
On the off chance that you decides that that is just what you need, may I suggest looking for the metal ones .. like a peg. I don't know where we got ours, but I took a picture of it.

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