Do Ibuprofen painkillers turn your brain to mush?

No drive to do anything while on painkillers

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I really don't like painkillers. I never get headaches, unless hungover or dehydrated, and I have a primitive belief that pain is there to stop you damaging yourself so taking painkillers when injured increases the risk of increasing the damage.

After my hip operation I was on 400mg Ibuprofen 3 times a day. Now Ibuprofen is an over the counter, not prescription not particularly strong pain killer. However I must admit I did look forward to taking it.

I've been taking it pretty solidly for 5 weeks now, and I am just lazy. No drive to do anything, which is kinda bad when you're selfemployed. I did put it down to pain, trauma, depression at my injury.

Well 2 weeks ago I cut it down to 2, and since 2 days I just take one at night. I won't say I wake up wanting to climb mountains, slay dragons, and save the world, but I am definitely more energetic now, and to hell with the pain.

However I do know people who just take it almost daily for headache, period pains, God knows what. And they're also not very energetic creatures. I smell a connection.
I do too. People who self medicate are just lazy do nothings.
Good point Axeman. i reckon after any op you are slightly depressed as your body heals itself. I had an anguinal hernia sown up at 21 and felt rotten for six weeks after. I think its quite normal. don't forget winter here in Bayern which seems to go on for 11 months a year till a brief 3 week period in July when the sun comes out does tend to get one down.
I'm sure you've done some searching yourself already but for those with lazy fingers... -->

I was on Ibuprofen for about 2 weeks to counter pain but I didn't seem to get tired or unmotivated, though these are known side-effects. What I did get was extremely dry skin with raw red patches, which was all cleared up about a week after I stopped taking Ibu.
I do not know if Ibuprofen saps the energy out of you. I tend to take naproxen (an anti-inflammatory) when I am injured and acetaminophen(Tylenol) when I have a headache (when I have a hangover or there is Fön). I have not taken anything regularly like M.A.M. (3X a day) but I have never noticed that I have less energy.

I notice that when I don't work out/hit the gym I have noticeably less energy than when I do workout. Also, pain is exhausting. When you have an injury your body is working to heal this injury and that alone is exhausting. Maybe you feel more energetic because you feel better?

I say Thank God for these painkillers!
Change to aspirin or acetaminophen. Ibu will eat holes in your stomach after a while.

Your brain has always been mush anyway.

The Ever Helpful Frau Fruit
Well because I'm anti painkiller I did want to discredit them. Good points about pain and trauma being depressing.

I do coincidentally feel better. I'm at 36 days now, and apparently 40 days is the magic number when bones are effectively healed. I'm beginning to resent the max 20kg on my operated leg rule, and looking forward to loading it more.

Regarding Ibuprofen eating holes in my stomach, they also give me Pantozol to protect my stomach. Now I really feel like a hopeless druggy.

I was once given aspirin on a vile hangover and it was useless. Now morphine, oh yes! pump me with morphine oh most beautiful of drugs.
I think this is a case of ipso facto or whatever the feck that term is that means that just because it comes after, does not mean it was caused by the original action. Yes, you were taking painkillers. But I don't think that caused your tiredness. I think it was more the fact that you had just had painful sugery, and a very traumatic one at that. I'd imagine hip sugery is more of a bitch to get over than getting a broken arm set or your wisdom teeth taken out. Your body wants to just sit there and watch TV whilst your little cells build back your tissues and blood supply and generally get things back to normal. That takes a LOT of energy.

When I had strep throat, or when I have particularly bad menstrual cramps, yes I take painkillers, and tons of them. Do I feel lazy and want to lay around? Yes. But mostly because there is armageddon happening in my uterus. But it would be nothing compared to the laziness and depressing feelings that I'd have if I didn't dose up on painkillers.
However I do know people who just take it almost daily for headache, period pains ...
Anyone taking it daily for period pains has a bigger problem than an OTD drug addiction.

Are you still on heparin? Then hands off ibuprofen, aspirin etc. Didn't the doc tell you about their anti-coagulant side effects?

Yes, they turn your stomach to mush. They also prevent your blood from clotting, which may (but not must) lead to varices which may and generally do burst, leaving you dead (Oksana 1995, Scogs 2008). Especially in combination with alcohol.

I think that the lethargy was more due to the injury; a couple of weeks ago I took my recovering leg and lungs into the kitchen and cooked and baked all afternoon. As I am on marcumar I am forbidden any OTC painkillers and get Kreislaufstörungen (more precisely, the blood does not flow into my capillaries) from Novalgin. So my surge of energy was not due to weaning myself off painkillers, it was my body saying, Get up and go, girl!

Get up and go, boy, and get a parasol attachment for your crutches - the time of snow and ice is over.
I have a primitive belief that pain is there to stop you damaging yourself so taking painkillers when injured increases the risk of increasing the damage.
I agree with the primitive part. While that is obviously true to a certain extent, ignoring medical science in favor of intuition is a terrible idea. Pain management is probably one the most important and, sadly, overlooked aspects of medical science.

Now Ibuprofen is an over the counter, not prescription not particularly strong pain killer.
In Germany? Since when?
Amen to the pain management, Kanadisch.

Ibuprofen wird in Form von Tabletten, Kapseln, Salben, Zäpfchen, Granulat zum Auflösen in Wasser und Kindersäften vertrieben. Tabletten bis 400 mg (für den Akutgebrauch), Salben, Gele, Zäpfchen und zum Teil Kindersäfte zur Behandlung von Fieber und Schmerzen unterliegen in Deutschland der Apothekenpflicht und können ohne Rezept erworben werden. Höher dosierte Zubereitungen (600 mg und 800 mg) und Präparate zur Behandlung von Entzündungen und rheumatischen Erkrankungen unterliegen der ärztlichen Verschreibungspflicht.
Packages with tablets up to 400mg (each), salves, gels, suppositories, soluable granulate and children's suspensions meant to treat fever and pain are available at pharmacies without a prescription. Higher dosages and medication for the treatment of infections and rheumatic complaints are subject to a prescription.
I am indeed on Heparin, and I got the Heparin, Ibuprofen, and Pantozol all prescribed from the same source. The homeopathic stuff came from elsewhere, but I told the doctors about it.

And the Heparin is working. I woke up a few days ago with a nasty blood stain on my shirt. It must have seeped out of the injection site all night. My stomach fat is also beginning to show some bruising.

Various doctors have explained to me that too much pain inhibits healing, and painkillers have an anti-inflamatory effect, so I'm not too macho about not taking them. I don't think I'd have any kind of a night's sleep without my nightly painkiller, and am a firm believer that a good night's sleep is the best medicine.

I've been in Ireland for 1 week now, with lovely blue skies every day, and not a hint of snow. Is Munich no longer an ice rink?
Well because I'm anti painkiller I did want to discredit them.
Yea, agreed with Kanadisch - you'd already decided that painkillers are bad before even looking at any evidence, not the most scientific way. Also not sure the unblinded TT poll is the best way to find the answer you want (although I appreciate it wasn't intended to be taken seriously)...

I know it's bad to take ibuprofen for long periods due to the reasons mentioned above, but not sure how much better aspirin or paracetamol are in this respect. Seriously doubt any of them "turn your brain to mush". And yea, ibuprofen is available OTC in Germany. Bloody expensive (relative to other countries), but available.

Oh yea, I doubt you need to worry about any interactions with the homeopathic medicines.
I know it's bad to take ibuprofen for long periods... Bloody expensive
armageddon happening in my uterus
Does that Aerosmith song often play during your period as well?

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep, yeah
I don't wanna miss a thing
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