German TV after midnight

It's shocking

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I disagree --- this picture clearly shows that boobs create happy moments from very early on...
Hahaha! My 4 yr-old expressed his love for boobs last night while watching Rihanna on TV.
As a self proclaimed "porn lover", I would enjoy breaking up the monotony of American tv with a bit of naughty fun. Germany here I come (no pun intended)!
My God,

I've had the misfortune to see naked ladies disporting themselves just now. Here for the benefit of church goers is what I witnessed:

CSF or is it DSF - naked girls paling sport together games like squash.

Das Fünfte or Vierte - sub Playboy girls stripping themselves BARE!

Some other channel. I'm too shocked to name it. Think of the young ones.

Yours shocked.
Why would the kiddies be up after midnight anyways?
Let's see...

German TV: nudity and sex are OK, violence is limited.
American TV: violence is OK, nudity and sex are limited.

In which country are the streets safer?
That's because the teenage boys are sitting at home with a box of tisues rather than going out and joining gangs and shooting each other.

Edit: As The Bloodhound Gang said, Hooray For Boobies!
Das Fünfte or Vierte - sub Playboy girls stripping themselves BARE!
... I'm too shocked to name it. Think of the young ones.

Yours shocked.
Uh what a shame for my country!
I can only beg for pardon that the appearance of those girls was not up to the standards you are used to!
Well...I mean it's something I'd be interested in seeing. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want minors to see it or for that matter anyone who would otherwise be offended. I'd make full use of the V-chip on my set. Regardless, here in this country it's practically unfeasable because of federal law and FCC regulations.
There's a poor girl on SAT 1 who reads out Bingo numbers or something and a fine job she does too I might add. Then all of a sudden at midnight Bang! Her bikini falls off. Can't the producers of these shows give these poor girls proper fasteners?
its even more creepy when my telly switches itself on right then
I dont find it shocking. I find the violence on American Television more shocking.
Problem is, Americans are not shocked by it.
No instead. They ban all Iphone applications who show bikinis, breasts, anything considered risque by them, and allow violence applications to remain. Same applies with their TV.
well personally I find the television in China appalling. Restricted, brain-washed propaganda and they're even more scared of tits than the evil Yanks to whom we must always compare everything in the gotdamn world. Let's just whinge about that for another ten posts or so.
Well said Dessa
This thread is lacking pictures ....

As a redress (pun intended) i'll post some TV shows with high chance of full frontal nudity:
01.03. 01:15 arte Japan-Bondage
02.03. 23:10 3sat Nacktschnecken
03.03. 21:50 arte Liebesleben
03.03. 03:00 arte Japan-Bondage
04.03. 21:00 ZDF_neo Das Zimmermädchen
10.03. 00:35 arte Nackt

Note that the dates show the evening ("01.03. 01:15" means: on the evening / night from 01.03 to 02.03.).
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