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Does anyone know of any good massage/spa places in Munich? Not at hotels and not priced over 80 Euros for 1 hour.
I only know what I have heard: turkish baths
you can try Therme Erding. from what i have heard it is really good and you can make a nice day of it.
For the ultimate spa day ... "Volksbad" would be my pick. You can steam, sauna, nap or swim. If you're not up for a co-ed thing, every Tuesday and Friday is frau-only. Don't forget to bring your own body products, towel, flip-flops, bathing-suit (for public pool) and remember clothing in the spa isn't optional!

Massage is available too!!
Ayurveda Massagen "Art of Life"

Baaderstr. 36
80468 Muenchen

Tel : 0700-58259888
E-Mail :
Homepage :

Body Massage(70 min.) + steambed(20 min.)
costs EUR 75,-

real massage from Sri Lanka, and
it was reeeeeeally good !!
I take it from spa you mean sauna/whirlpool etc ?

The best places in downtown Munich is probably Westbad, although the Volksbad opposite the Deutsche Museum is less tropical but more "renaissance ?" with sculpted and painted ceilings, and gernerally nice architecture.

If you want to make a day of it go to the Erding Therme.

BTW everybody runs around naked in these places, although Germans are known for running around naked and doing a great job of acting as if its completely natural and nothing to get excited about.
Now that I've had a proper look and found

In a moment of amusement for me they have listed their "Spa Person of the Year". I'm sorry, it just made me chuckle. I'm a bad person, I know.
Two examples in Munich offering perhaps close to the same thing:

Heilpraxis fuer Ayurveda Massage und Yoga

Nuad Thai Akademie
Totally stirring here, but as far as I am concerned going to any effort or expense to change how we naturally are in order to fit stereotypical ideals of beauty is unnatural, whether it uses holistic techniques or not. Far better to just accept how you are, otherwise you are just putting a band-aid over the real problem, lack of self-esteem and self-acceptance. Womens magazines and the cosmetic industry have a lot to answer for! They way they try and sneak mere cosmetic issues across as if they were actual health issues especially. Works the other way too Examples: Doctors reccomending pimple treatments, and dentists offering teeth whitening services. Needs to be a clearer separation between the health and beauty industry.
Kza, I don't think it's necessarily cosmetic things. A lot of spa services are about relaxation, whether in the form of massage, wrapping you in seaweed or what have you.

As for self-acceptance, following your statement of not going to any effort to change who we are; you should stop shaving and not brush your hair. Accept yourself the way you are and stop trying to fit into stereotypical ideals of beauty.
Shavings a comfort issue for me, I tend to not give a shit how long my whiskers are until they annoy me, shave about once or twice a week. And I cant remember the last time I brushed my hair. Or combed it. Its almost all fallen out anyway.
I've had my teeth whitened. It was to make my teeth match in colour (they had been discoloured due to antibiotics which I had taken as a teenager to help my severe acne) and my health insurer paid. So maybe they are the best judge of what is a medical need (yes I am privately insured with a non-German insurer). It won't give me a movie star grin but it looks, in my own personal opinion, better.
Acne is a medical issue, it can be painful, cause scarring and disfigurement (I'm not talking here about the odd spot by the way). By working with a dermatologist, I managed to limit the amount of scarring and now have healthy skin. By seeking early medical treatment for a medical problem long-term issues were avoided.
Friends and relations of mine have also had so-called "cosmetic" surgery for medical needs, breast reductions to protect their backs, ladies rid of their moustasches (caused by hormonal imbalance) by laser, nose corrections to help with breathing...
To dismiss such procedures out of hand is short-sighted (and you can have that corrected by laser, well the short-sightedness at least).
I could have millions of operations and still not look like Heidi Klum. Mind you if everyone looked like Heidi Klum, that would be dull too. And does everyone want to look the same? No, but a desire to be your best inside and out is not a bad idea.
I like my teeth straight, healthy and white, I like my skin clear and healthy and my self-esteem is just fine thank you.
Kza, I hope that, for your work colleagues sake, your desire to stay true to your natural self does not extend to not washing or not using deodorant.
Andy, here are a couple of sites which might interest you, not specifically Asian Spas but still possibly helpful:
Just Pure - day spa and products based on moon-phases
List of main spas near Munich
Dorint Spas
Ludwig Beck Hautnah
well when i think of spa its just somplace to go and get pampered for the day or something. like everyone walks around in robes and relaxes and drinks healthy fruity drinks and gets massages and body wraps face masks, takes mud baths, that sorta thing. i just think its kinda cheesy for someone to ask for advice about something but then say nevermind i don't wanna give u any info about it anyway. well obviously if u ask for advice people are more than likely gonna have questions about it. and if u dont feel like answering their questions or givin out info then why ask in the first place?
The only spa I've been in currently has an offer of buy-one-get-one-free on frozen peas.
Hehe, that'd be a SpaR then, eh?
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