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Naked sunbathing

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Right then,

A break from the job chase to some hopefully long thread which helps to take the mind of boring job hunts.

Last night on 3sat was this programme about German FKK (Frei Körper Kultur) which goes back to the 1900s. Under the Nazis they were forbidden but even had people hiding in trees watching in case the Gestapo came along and caught them frolicking in the buff. Then it became legalised in 1942.

IT is very common in Bavaria especially by the lakes in summer. I have to confess as a Brit that among lots of naked beautiful people I did indeed indulge in the activity a bit. It was a weird experience.


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Owain Glyndwr
nothing wrong with it at all. Just don't really want to see the fuck ugly bints with bits all wobbling around.

How come the fit chicks never go out in the buff?
Done it. No big deal. When you're the only clothed person surrounded by nakedidity, you really stick out like a sore... appendage. Strip and blend right back in.

But a lot of the people you see naked, you really don't want to.

Good point. When you see everyone Au naturel, you realise how different everyone looks down in the nether regions and how much crap we are fed by magazines only showing perfect bodies from perfect models.
Hell, 95% of my former co-workers at Hal-leonard music publishing can honestly say they've seen me naked more than once.

Then again, I've seen most of them naked too...hrmm...

So, no problem...though I haven't in Germany...I would...
@nofx : is there some sort of "clothing optional" policy in your office?
Not a problem, done it hundreds of times already. OG, you must be going to the wrong place.
don't really see the point. Apart from that people can say 'aren't we liberated'
jeremy:, we'd have company beach parties on the Mississippi where everyone would get naked, even if it was only 50 degrees outside

...kept happening, though...disturbing, especially the next day at work
God it must be weird doing FKK with colleagues at work! Even with people who you know. It is best appreciated in an anonymous environment!
Owain Glyndwr
no not really, Jeremy. I used to do sports with people from the office regularly. We were a mixed bunch, two or three ladies and about three or four guys. Tennis and Squash mostly, with some other stuff as well sometimes. Afterwards, we always went in the Sauna. absolutely no biggie. At my current office, i think they are a bit too conservative to even socialise with colleagues, let alone go strarkers in the sauna togther.
I've been here so long its now second nature to sunbathe in the buff and as for saunas i can't see why you'd want to keep your kit on. A few years ago i went to a sauna in Halifax and laid my towel down and sat on it naked, as per usual...the other people in the sauna looked on in absolute horror... it was quite amusing to watch them squirm in embarresment...
Yep swimming, sauna, and sunbathing are all things that should NOT be done clothed.

Everything else should at least be clothing optional.
never done it (in my conscious life... I will not speak to what I did before the age of 5). However, I see the fact that I won't do it more as a public service rather than anything else. I'm probably not exactly the type of person that falls under the "holy hell! put some close on you hideous bastard",... buuuttt at the same time, I don't see myself anywhere close to the kind of person people say "take it of baby"... so like I said, I'm doing the public a service by keeping it on .
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