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Naked sunbathing

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Well, being Bogenhausen, there are restrictions! But!!! I do take tips.
no big deal at all
Du arme
Tim Hortons Man
Americans and Nudity
Tim Hortons Man
Americans and Nudity 2
And what is the purpose of posting it twice? Its the same article.
How come the fit chicks never go out in the buff?
They do - you're just not going to the right places - ;-)

I'm American, my Wife is German. When we first moved here, being naked was completely normal to my wife. She'd pick a spot at lakeside, and take it all off. No big deal. 'Was Guckst du?"

It took me a bit of getting used to. But now, we are nude at the (nude-friendly) lakes or the spas. I find it relaxing. I don't even think about it anymore.
what's actually the point of porn mags in Germany? - seeing as nakedness is apparently nothing special
Beg Tets
Saves the embarrasment of getting caught wanking in the bushes
The FeringaSee has a FKK bier Garten as well...2 birds one stone get seamless tan and after 4-5 maß every one around you looks like a Chipendale for the girls or a page 3 girl for the boys.
Owain Glyndwr
ehem. sorry, but no it doesn't. The place you mean is the "Imbiß am FKK Strand" and serves Beer and light snacks. They will not serve you unless you have clothes on (shorts and bikinis etc are ok but no nakedness) since the place is actaully just outside the FKK area. I was in line buying a beer the other day when someone was told to go and put clothes on before coming back to be serves.

or do you perhaps mean the one on the other side of the lake, the little hut which serves beer a bit further along from the main beergarden? I think this is only "unofficially" an FKK area.
I have nothing against the naked thing in the sauna - i do it and it's fine, but i'd never knowingly do it with English people because I know what they're thinking - or rather I know they'd have a cheeky peak and feel really awkward about it. Germans just don't care, so when I'm in there, too, I don't care either.

I wouldn't do it in the park or beach though, but that's just because it's bad for your skin
Owain Glyndwr
sunbathing nude is no worse for your skin than sunbathing in a bikini or shorts. ANd do you really believe that none of the Germans steal a cheeky glance in the sauna? Most are there purely for the sauna but there will always be the odd ones perving, and they are not always English speaking ex-pats, lol.
Being nude in public does not come naturally. You see others and do it cos you want to be fashionable too. How else do you explain the most popular dream of being naked in the public How Dreams Work?
The skin thing was just because the areas not normally exposed to the sun do burn easily - there's nothing worse than a burnt boob
I guess i'm just sensible in the sun.
The Germans in the sauna put me at ease because I know they don't traditionally have a prudish attitude and find public nakedness normal. They might look but they don't make a meal out of it, so to speak
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