How to dispose of blasting caps properly - Germany

Or, how to dispose of hazardous materials

unpacking the last boxes, most of which were in storage for years. Oops - blasting caps are in there. I don't need them, not going to use them and don't want to keep packing them all over the world, how should I go about getting them properly disposing them in Germany?

Call your local police station and ask them what to do. They'll probably send an ordnance disposal team.
Underpants are very à la mode.
The AVR have monthly drop off of hazardous materials in each town around the Rhein-Neckar area. But I have no idea if they'll take those things. But they usually are pretty nice fellas. Otherwise, if you are in the military then just call the ordinance guys and say you "found" them.
Have you got paperwork showing that they were declared when they entered the country? If not going to the police might not be a wise move.
sort of what I was thinking, especially since "Ich spreche kein deutsch" and no, wasn't declared because I didn't remember that they were in there. shoot, I barely remember what I had for breakfast...

than again, compared to the fireworks that they use here on New Year's, these things are rather insignificant.
Try the Taliban ebay site. I hope they are duds.
Class B explosives, and you are talking about transporting them into and posessing them in Germany here on TT. Are you simple?
@ tech71 How'd you know they aren't the type used for Hilti nail-guns which are no-way Class B?? Reasonable attitude of the OP to ask how to safely and legally dispose of them in an open forum IMHO. Hardly conspiratorial. Very simple.

@ poohsan My local Polizei duty officer advises exactly what I would have thought. You have 3 ways to deal with this to the Polizeis satisfaction...

1) Call your local Polizei revier, or 110, ask for an English speaking officer, ID yourself and explain. SOP wil mean the Polizei will contact the Bomb Disposal Squad (Kampfmittelräumungsdienst) then visit you secure, and possibly evacuate your neighbourhood and await the removal of explosives. You'll get to know all your neighbours and they will all be super happy about missing their big Saturday TV evening.

2) If you judge the risk negligible, take the caps to any Polizei revier and hand them in. Again you'll have to ID yourself and be prepared for the joys of dealing with germanm beaurocracy. Hope the duty cop is not pissed about missing his TV evening.

3) If you might be anxious about accounting for being in possession of the items, anonomous turn-in will be considered acceptable. Following is Polizei Meister Bauers suggestion (you can contact me PM for location reference). Wrap in a coloured plastic bag. Take to an accessible (5 - 10 paces in) part of your local woods which you can describe. Place the bag OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN and call the Polizei from a payphone. Ask for an English speaker and explain location and contents. Hang up, go home, sleep well... Oh, and welcome to Germany.

Retroactive interest in illegal importing of hazardous materiel will be zero UNLESS you do NOT do 1 of the above, in which case you risk being considered by the Polizei as another one of the several million weak-headed nutters that keep them in work.

If you need telephonic translation or further info send me a PM.


awful lot of trouble for a couple of fire crackers.

almost be easier to take them in the woods set one by a tree, uncoil the wires around the tree, AAA battery - pop! no more cap. Or wait until Dec 31 and pop them off along with the million others set off in my driveway by my neighbors (I assume that's who they were anyway...)

Thanks 2B - I'll PM you if I can't find a local EOD to take them off my hands. What in the world do logging/mining companies do here to get rid of old caps?
What about, Soaking them in water for a few days, then just throwing them out in the trash.
Or just go out into the woods somewhere and set them off
@ DarkKnight, PolMeister Bauer mumbled off-hand a similar thought and when I told him I'd found minor stuff in ex-NATO vehicles I'd bought for export and just sandbagged them in the vice, turning it tight with a long-bar, or tossed them in an industrial smiths forge he concurred that would do it too. Main concern is that they are NOT AVAILABLE to CHILDREN -of ANY age up to 99.
The OP didn't really say what type or where the blasting caps were from. With certain types of blasting compounds, water will only make them more sensitive... sometimes to the point of being vibration sensitive. Some can actually be soaked in diesel and set on fire without going off, and some can (as mentioned) be neutralized with nothing more than water. The point is, there is no universally safe method of disposing of unknown explosives, which is why the preferred EOD method is just controlled detonation. Depending on the size, a blasting cap could be "just a firecracker" or it could be a whole lot more.
Do not forget that if you get police involved and they call out all the support personnel, that you are going to get a bill for the service....
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