How long does aspirin take to leave your system? - Germany

I'm worried about breastfeeding after medicating

Hi all,

I have terrible headaches and this morning took 2 aspirins out of desperation (no other
pain releivers) in the house.

I breastfeed my 19 month old (only 2-3 times a day now) and know that aspirin isn't reccomended.
I will not nurse my little one again until bedtime- is this enough time for the aspirin to
have 'left' my system???

Thanks for any info:-)
This site says that aspirin in breast milk reaches peak concetration 3 hours after you take the pills while this one gives a time frame of 9 hours. Hmm.
Thanks so much:-)

I was searching, but couldn't find a 'time-line'.

9 hours??? Hmmm may be a late bedtime then?!
The links provided above seem to suggest that although aspirin isn't recommended whilst breastfeeding, there's no evidence that it's actually harmful, especially if you've only taken one dose (2x200mg I assume?). The half life of aspirin in your blood after absorption is 13-19 minutes, with salicylate (the first metabolite of aspirin) being 3.5-4.5 hrs (link). You won't have any aspirin remaining in your circulation this evening (about eight hours later?), but you will still have the metabolites. Accumulation in other tissues and breast milk is another issue entirely. Though like I said there's no evidence that this is harmful.

Regardless of whether aspirin in breast milk reaches a peak after 3 hrs or 9 hrs, you can presumably expel the breast milk first this afternoon sometime to get rid of the aspirin before feeding your baby later? (have to admit I'm neither a woman or parent so I don't know about the ins and outs of this - how long it takes your body to erm, fill the milk jugs so to speak, etc.). You may want to do more research about this if you're worried about it, there's a load of info on the internet and these sites may be a better place to look than Toytown, but like I said it doesn't seem to be harmful.

Disclaimer: Not a medical professional and this isn't medical advice, what you do you do at your own risk, I don't accept any liability, etc
I'd say it's also not as critical with a child this age as it would be with a newborn. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I did try looking online, just wasn't finding a 'time-line' so to speak.

I also tried searching a breastfeeding clinic close by and actually handed up calling one in sweden just now.
They said it's 'probably' fine to nurse straight away, but I prefer to err on the side of caution as it's my

@westvan and andy andy Thanks for all the links (I must be rubbish at searching) because i just kept coming
up with basic info.

Appreciate the help:-)

@andyandy I just thought TT may have some Mums or others online that may know from experience:-)
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