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Hi my name is Cordelle and I am new to this website. I am 19 years of age and I will be moving to frankfurt in the next 2 weeks as my girlfriend has started a new job there and we have decided to start a new life there. Now the hard bit, I have enough money to survive a good few months as my girlfriend is already there and has accommodation but I really need to find a english speaking job that I can do once I am there. I have taken it upon myself to learn German at home but I would just like some assistance on how I can get a job or where I can get one from.

I will be very grateful for any help
What can you do -your skills? Hard to offer suggestions without knowing that (and employers will certainly want to know). Prospects without German low in general - and you probably need more than "I'll learn myself", it'll take ages and may not get you the "active" skills you need particularly if you speak English at home. It'll also keep you at home rather than out making friends just like you.

Au pairing perhaps? Some sort of international school classrom work? Otherwise, German is 100% your key to accessing the labour market in this part of Germany. The good news is unemployment is low here. With OK German (notably on speaking), plenty of immigrants do routine cafe / shop work - but only with. There is enough of that work here - you can just see the ads in shop windows. Most 19 y.o. Germans are just about still in school but a lot do that sort of casual stuff part-time.

I think utilising your English might be a good way to find work, until your German is at a level where you are employable.

Jobs that you might be able to do are teaching English or working in hostels. I did a teaching English course before I left Sydney in December 09, although I plan to use this in Hong Kong where I'm going next year to work. I dont think theres alot of teaching English jobs here, but I've seen some jobs for teaching Business English and personal tutors.

Working in a hostel might be your best option in the meantime??

In case youre interested in teaching, I did mine through i-to-i. They do weekend courses and online too. Their number is 1300 881 590 or go to their website i-to-i.com.

Good luck!
I dont think theres alot of teaching English jobs here, but I've seen some jobs for teaching Business English and personal tutors.
There is a lot of business English teaching work in Rhein Main and it is relatively well paid. You can easily life off it (part time) with thec decent gigs. But it might not be the best target for a 19 year old!

First pick tends to go to experienced business professionals - that experience is valued, commodity TEFL not. Nobody ever asks if you have a "qualification", they ask where you worked, what your profession is and if you have training experience.

And also to the many experienced teachers round here. The "youngster seeing the world on TEFL" and business EL at major multi-nationals is not really how it works here. A 20 year old instructing the purchasing manager or engineers (or whatever) of a multi-million dollar company just ain't how it works here - schools are not even going to offer that (and they do not have to) and they tend not to like the expedient "need a job, nothing better to do" TEFL types either, and they can spot them a mile off of course.

German-speaking EL teachers integrated into German work and daily life are also usually well ahead of you in the queue of course. Makes everyone's life easier.
Hi there. I also am experiencing a similar situation to Cordelle, only on the flip side. I am 27 and moving to Frankfurt in March. I am an American and my company is relocating me. My boyfriend wants to come over, but refuses to until he finds a job (I guess men are a little stubborn ) He is a mechanical engineer and has about 7 years experience working in his field. Can anyone suggest companies in the area that would hire an English speaking engineer? We're starting to learn German but it won't be polished any time soon. We're also looking for any information about headhunters or recruiters in the area. The German job market is a bit different from the US... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I quite enjoy reading all the information on this site and am really looking forward to the move. We've just found a place in Bad Soden and I'm hoping I can link up with some of you from that area.

The good news is that mechanical engineering underpins a lot of industry round here. South Hessen in particular I think rather than Frankfurt. The bad news is:
(1) as you say, most jobs will need German
(2) a lot of the major players have enough trouble finding work for existing workers, and are hardly looking for lots of new employees (you must know the news about Opel, a former GM holding, say and plenty of others are on short time)
(3) competition is massively fierce. Not only is amount of the work a natural magnet, a powerhouse technical University churns out a vast number of highly-talented multi-lingual engineers from all over the world. It feels like every second man I know in Darmstadt is a mechanical engineer, I hardly bother asking a man about his degree / study!

The result of all this is that most of the EL engineers I know here tend to have been transferred from their home nation, rather than applying from there. That seems to be the usual route from what I see. Some of the multi-nationals / conglomerates operate here. Main German job sites such as monster.de also have listings (German of course).
Cordelle, try Berlitz. I know someone the same age as you who got a "job" (it's freelance) there teaching English. It's worth a shot.
The Irish pubs are always looking for people, mainly Oreillys by hauptbahnhof and Waxys by the Deutsche Boerse.

Good luck!
Just a note to non-EU nationals (Americans in this case): In order for a company to be able to employ you in Germany , they have to demonstrate to the authorities that there is not a EU- or German citizen with a similar skill set looking for the same job. So if you don't speak German, your chances diminish significantly unless you have something else to impress them with. That being said, for a native speaker, a job teaching English might be easier to get than a job in a bar if you consider the whole work/residence-permit factor.
hi all.. I thankyou all for you responses!!! Sorry its taken so long for me to reply but its the whole 'I need internet in germany' thing hehe. I have been applying for various jobs here and if anyone is looking for an english speaking job here in Frankfurt then Nintendo are hiring
if anyone is looking for an english speaking job here in Frankfurt then Nintendo are hiring
From what I understand, Nintendo are looking for temps. Not quite the same as "hiring". Ability to speak German (and ideall other languages on top) also preferred. But certainly an prospect for a lot of non-German speakers to try I'd have thought.
Ability to speak German (and ideall other languages on top) also preferred.
Sorry but whoever gave you that information obviously doesn't work for Nintendo. Nintendo are constantly looking for testers, which I assume is the position Cordelle is going for. The only requisite to apply is being native speakers of one of the European languages Nintendo translate their games into - Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish - plus English. If you apply for an English tester position, you only need English and any other languages you may know are not relevant. Ability to speak German is neither requested nor preferred - unless you apply as German tester, needless to say. All internal communications are in English as well.
Cordelle, think about what assets you can bring to the table for a potential employer and use them. If your only asset is your english language, try the language schools in the Rhein-Main area. Good luck!
Hi everyone,

First let me say that as a newbie I am finding a lot of this information very helpful and I think it's fantastic that there is so much support and participation on here.

I am moving to Bad Nauheim this summer and am beginning to look for work options as well. I am not as young as Cordelle - 34 yo and have years of work experience includig law enforcement and social services. I hold a health initiatives position for a non-profit American health organization now. I have a BA in Sociology and speak fluent Spanish but little German. I haven't had much luck either in searching for jobs. I've looked on the DoD website and the US Embassy - Frankfurt website. My train ride to Frankfurt will only be 20-25 mts so I'm looking for jobs there as I think it would be easiest to find. Any idea if Spanish will be helpful for me there?

Any advice would be helpful!
Thanks so much -
I hold a health initiatives position for a non-profit American health organization now.
I'm no expert on healthcare but I though that the health industry round here is not really in Frankfurt. It's in the Wiesbaden area (including some US companies) and there's some big pharma (notably Merck in Darmstadt) and some other big US multi-nationals elsewhere.

Law enforcement / social services will require a lot of specific local knowledge of course, and without that and fluent German be hard to break into.
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