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A big disappointment

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children hospital in Klinik - goethe platz. regarded as the best hospital in Munich for Children.

for the first time i regret living in Germany, for what i had gone through last weekend.
my friend´s daughter was very sick and had to be taken to the hospital for emergency service on saturday.
it was really good seeing that we have to just wait for not long as there were only 3 kids in front of us..
but this lasted for more than 4 hours, until a doctor came over to have a look..
really do not know what all doctors were doing...the nurse kept us waiting for 2 hours, then came the junior doctor...asked for blood tests to be taken...then again waited for 1 hour...and then again for more than 1 the junior doctor wasnt sure what could be the reason for such a pain for a 3 year old kid..

i was just thinking what would have happen to a kid who would have been in a critical condition, as the doctors kept all of them waiting for hours and hours..

all parents were really annoyed, as nobody was doing anything, and their kids were suffering and just waiting for their turn to come..

the best part came from the junior doctor...we are the biggest of the children hospital in munich and we have only 2 doctors..

the horrifying thing was...small kids were crying...and the doctors including the junior doctors were sitting in a room haveing long coffee breaks..

i really hope that this doesnt happen to anyone..
Thats nothing new...

Look here for a similar discussion..Klinikum Großhadern

I have also experienced the delights of the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital in Lindwurmstr. NEVER AGAIN. Prior to that I had a similar experience at Klinikum Grosshadern. NEVER AGAIN.

I now regularly take my child to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.
but what are the options in case of an emergency. my sister might be bringing her 3.5 year old kid over and i've promised to get the names of a recommended English speaking pediatrician and ER. Just in case...

I did a search and came up emptyhanded. Anyone, anyone?
Off hours, many specialised hospital departments will only have one or 2 doctors on.

I spent 4 hours waiting at the eye clinic casualty recently. The queue is in terms of medical need, possibly an emergency occurred elsewehere?
i think its really easy to look at it only from the "shit my child is ill" perspective. as grtho said, medical needs are assessed when you come in. blood tests take time. if it was clearly a real emergency as in possible life and death, believe me the shift like shit off a stick, and there are no queues. otherwise they will move at a, from our point of view, frustratingly slow pace. remember these people do this day in day out 12 to 16 hours a day. if they didnt priortise and take things at a steady pace they would burn out and make mistakes.
I've had no probs at Klinik Grosshadern.

Anyone know why there was a bloody helicopter hovering about there for about an hour at 1am last night btw? Couldn't it just land or bugger off
call me stupid but if children are human, could one not bring them to a regular after hours doctor? My work collegue was in on Sunday to the one at Elisienhof (near hauptbahnhof) and got seen to after only 40 minutes wait.
jml, if your sister is going to be here for just a brief amount of time, for a visit, and said child has no chronic illnesses or allergies or any other reason why s/he should be especially likely to get sick here, I'd do two things to fulfill your promise to your sister:

1. find out where the nearest ER to your place is. If she's staying in a hotel, the desk staff there will know;

2. get the list of English-speaking pediatricians from the US or British consulates online. If you have only one name of a recommended pediatrician, and that pediatrician cannot help your niece or nephew on the day s/he needs it, you will need more sources, anyway. The consulate lists don't guarantee the quality of the doctors, but at least they do speak English.

I would think that should be more than enough information to have on hand for the typical visitor.
but what are the options in case of an emergency. anyone have names of a recommended English speaking pediatrician and ER?
Dr. Böse (I know, I know) in the Implerstr (at the Poccistr end, by the petrol station in the Hinterhof) is very good and married to an Irish (?) woman, so I assume he speaks passable english...
If it is an EMERGENCY you call 112.
You will get seen, blue lights flashing, within a few minutes.

If its not, please expect to wait yourself, or for your children to wait, behind those whose medical need is greater.
Kathie, I'm sorry, I can't let that pass.

Are you saying there is a children's doctor out there named Dr. Evil? That's astounding.
I almost lost my oldest to a botched up appendix operation at Schwabing. He was sent in (ambulance and all) with suspected appendicitis, was in for a week before they decided- whoops, seems it popped and we have to operate. Then after about another week - whoops, something's not right, we need to operate again. All together we spent 3 and one half weeks there with about 2 of them on the intensive station. When He was diagnosed with suspected menningitis (it wasn't) about a yeat later, the doc recommended Schwabing since "it was a different department". Anyway, they were fantastic then and we even had the chefarzt come in and look at him.

So - surgery at schwabing for kids - bad. Illnesses at Schwabing for kids - good.

My kinderarzt is unfortunately in pension somewhere in Italy. His successor seems ok, but we haven't had any major illnesses since..

Dr. Kugler, Herzogstrasse 1.

And he speaks english, he always switches to english with me, even though I don't normally speak english to doctors here.
My family here has a Dr the girls go to for EVERYTHING. Once we had an emergancy and INSTEAD of going to the hospital we went to this Dr's office. I think it might be the best idea. When I asked the mom about it she said it was "much better than sitting around a waiting room for hours"

I can give the name to anyone who needs it, the Dr is a pediatrian and his wife is also a Dr who deal only with adults. They both speak english and have a lab in the office. (doesnt take long at all to get lab results back). Only drawback is we live in Solln...
Indeed there is showem... he appears to have taken on his wife's name in an attempt to lessen the blow, but it just makes him sound like an evil leprechaun...
Here the more precise information:

Dr. Stefan Böse O`Reilly und Dr. Lambert Maier
Implerstr. 23, 81377 München
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