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Is there anywhere where I can legally download/stream television or movies from a German/European site but with the television episodes or movies in English?

I am looking for a similar model to, but which is not country specific.
Have also seen US sites which allow you to download/stream movies, but then warn you that it might not be legal to do that for the country you live in. (Anyone know German laws concerning this?)
I know about masking IP addresses etc, but this is not what I want to do, just want plan and simple legal download/streaming, no fuzzy grey area downloading/streaming.

Any ideas?
I have just discovered this:, which allows downloading of original language version movies and series.
There are already several threads on this, try the search.
NoT a ToY
Hi, I've tried to search:
movies streaming
movies online
online streaming
and many other variations, but have not found any leads.

Does anyone know the correct search thread and/or a good site for online legal streaming of movies in English available in Germany?

Does anyone know the correct search thread and/or a good site for online legal streaming of movies in English available in Germany?thanks!
I've tried a few free sites and this one seems to be the best regarding range of films and the quality of streaming.
Give it a bash.
rockfisher is also excellent.
Try is also excellent.
but those are not legal........
Why do you specifically want legal?
Cyber ghost offers a service for 10 euro a month. They had US servers online which allowed you to stream the "leagl" sites such as hulu and network sites. But the fact we are overseas and bipassing the proxy stillmakes it illegal.

None-the-less, the US servers are offline at the moment. But they say it will b back online soon.

But it is a good solution. And it also have tons of other servers, if one were to say use the illegal sites, and did not want to be worried about reprimand.

Not to suggest I condone such acts
Actually, it's not illegal to view blocked content from another country via proxy servers. The blocks are not put in by law, they are company policy. The companies may not like it, but it's not illegal. It's much like a physical product, say a specific model of laptop is only sold in the US by the company and someone visits the US, buys it, and takes it home. In the virtual world, we just don't have to physically travel.
So them how does one define legal versus illegal free content. The fact it is released by the network itself?

Obviously peer to peer and downloading are pretty clear cut. But it has been discussed here before and said even streaming is a form of download as it stores a cache and is as such prosecutable, though they tend not to bother, and go more for the peer to peers.

I had also heard conflicting info, that said in regards to streaming the viewer is not responsible for the copyright issues, it is the job of the company to block access. IE why no one gets charges 1k for watching friend or old molly ringwald movies on youtube.

Not really sure the german laws, but I prefer ot to find out he hard way. My father in law used peer to peer for movies and got a 1k fine.
Another legal option is with iTunes. You can have multiple iTunes account on your computer. The German one has the limitations where most films are only in German.

But you can also open a US or UK iTunes account and switch between them. The only catch is paying for content. This is no problem if you already have a US or UK credit card. But obtaining those is a little hard if not living in said country's. So, option B is to acquire those iTunes gift cards you find in shops and either pick them up when next in the US or UK, or have friends/family post them to you.

You can switch then between your normal German iTunes account and the foreign one, purchase your content with credit card or gift voucher, wtahc and enjoy.

It is a bit of a hassle of course, especially if you rely on the gift vouchers being sent every month or so by family or friends, but it is one solution.
Another legal option is with iTunes.
I use the US iTunes for movie rentals, but technically it does say that you are not allowed to do so from outside the US. Just FYI. I don't think that they care all that much as my IP adress is clearly German, but you do have to agree not to use it outside the US when you agree to their terms & conditions, for what that's worth. Since I do pay for my rental I can live with breaking the rules in this case though.
That is interesting I do the same. Even when my mac crashed, I called apple care in germany and they reauthorized all my dowloads to be redownloaded, so they knew it was a us version and I was in Germany. Must be a technicallity they do not enforce. I enjoy itunes, and I get the movies by US release date, which is likely why it is "not" allowed. That and the vat issue.

I do get gift cards for christmas, but I am curious, if I buy a German itunes card will it work with the US account, or does it have to be issued in the states? There are many sites that sell discounted gift cards so that is a good way to save. And I mean the legal ones, not the Chinese hackers, that sold those codes a few years back, though I admit I thought about it.

But I use that solution for movies only. I refuse to pay 1,99 per tv show that is on free tv. Even now when you can rent them for .99 cents. Thanks but no thanks,
No, a German card won't work with a US account or vice cersa, as I discovered to my cost when I bought a US code on eBay and tried to use it on my husband's German account.
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