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here are some ways to watch US TV shows 'streaming' from your computer

Good luck. The ones from Megavideo or Videoob are the 'best' ones to watch and haven't caused any computer crashes or viruses to my computer. You don't have to download them to watch them.

Also, I used for almost a year to order TV shows on DVD to watch at home. This service is similar to Netflix and is owned by Amazon.
Hi, working for an intellctual property law firm here in Munich I would strongly advise you not to visit illegal download sites, regardless of country of origin etc... The fines, if you are caught, (considering 300,000+ IP addresses are handed to lawyers every month in Germany) are huge and very real. I understand your fustration though, the other day I bought 'How I met your mother' at Saturn seeing as there is nothing which is in English and legal on the internet without some sort of subscription. An advantage of buying physical copies of series/films is the fact that most of them have the option to listen to the original English or dubbed German, including subtitles in both languages, which is extremely helpful if you need to brush up on your German language skills
Using a VPN and is a completely legal way to obtain HIMYM. maybe brush up on your legal skills dude.
Hi, working for an intellctual property law firm here in Munich
Why not admit you kick puppies and small children to death for a living, you might get a warmer reception on the internet than that admission.
Using a VPN and is a completely legal way to obtain HIMYM. maybe brush up on your legal skills dude.
Depends what you mean by "completely legal". It may not be illegal for the person downloading but it is illegal for CBS to knowingly permit it (should they find out), for which the downloader could be held as complicit, especially if he further used the material he downloads - for example letting friends have copies, or burning to DVD. If CBS even suspected people downloading their material to foreign parts via VPN in conflict with their own licensing agreements it could also be construed that not taking positive and clear action to prevent them would be equally complicit in any alleged crime.
Someone called up Netflix and asked about accessing it overseas, the support person confirmed they could use a VPN. Neither of us know what the contract between CBS and the show producers are, but I doubt not proactively blocking VPN puts CBS on the wrong end of it. What if someone in Canada gets a big antenna and picks up a US station... you would argue this makes CBS a criminal enterprise?

and regardless that's something between the lawyers of CBS and the show producers (who know.. maybe the same people in this case). As you say, its certainly not illegal for us. The post I was replying to was claiming that its impossible to find How I Met Your Mother legally for free or subscription in Germany. Its utter bullocks to say that is an illegal site.
If CBS have no problems with people using a VPN, then why do they IP-Geoblock in the first place?
So we're going to play make believe, but with legal contracts? how boring

Lets hypothesize that the contract with the producers gives them the right to broadcast online, but restricted to only US IP addresses. So a VPN isn't a problem at all.
We use as well, although I have to say the online streaming selection is a bit limited and can't really be properly compared to Netflix. But maybe in time...
Here is another Netflix-like service in Germany (all legal and legit businesses): - TV Shows. 85% in German language available. Only a few shows (mostly MTV) in English. Monthly subscription service.

Recap of the others:

ABC on Demand - Movies (only Disney) and TV Shows (Only ABC stuff). All shows available in English as well as German. Monthly subscription service. Only available at the moment with Vodafone TV. - Movies and TV shows. Movies in German and English. TV shows only German language available. None in English. Monthly subscription service. - Movies. 99% in German. 1% of movies in English. Monthly subscription service. - Movies. Only German language available. None in English. Pay per movie.

Xbox Live (de)rebranded as Zune - Movies. Only German language available. None in English. Pay per movie.

iTunes (de) - Movies to rent or to buy. TV shows to buy only. Lots of English movies and TV Shows to choose from. Pay per movie or TV show. No monthly subscription service available.
Hi everyone,

I was searching for an Italian film online but found it nowhere to rent (not even on Amazon Instant Video). It is of course available on torrents (I've peeked) but of course I don't want to set my hair on fire - legally speaking - by downloading those. I also didn't find it on any of the resources linked here (at least not the original Italian version, not German-dubbed).

I then found that film on a random streaming website, and am wondering whether any copyright holders are likely to track who downloads or streams videos belonging to them using this website, and then track down those users (via their ISPs) in order to ask for compensation. I heard some copyright owners intentionally make their content available online as a decoy, to make an extra buck by prosecuting the viewers who will come to watch.

I am aware of the distinction between streaming and downloading the video file, and also that between downloading and sharing (latter being inevitable, when using torrents), but am still not clear whether it is in fact really safe to be streaming films - whose copyright is most likely activaley enforced - on websites such as ovguide (whose content actually links to some really dodgy-looking websites) or the Internet Archive. Is it the case that streaming a certain film might be legal on one website but illegal on another?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
As long as you are not sharing, you will be fine. Without sharing, there is basically no way of them knowing what you are doing.
Streaming is the way it's done here, and I haven't heard of anyone coming after you for it (or, was there the one case with some guy streaming porn?).
(or, was there the one case with some guy streaming porn?).
Not just one guy, thousands. But the lawyer responsible has lost his certificate (not only because of this). He didn't make it clear to the judges it wasn't about p2p but about streaming from an at least not obviously illegal site.

But I'd be careful about "streaming" nonetheless:
Lots of users got caught using "Popcorn Time" and "Cuevana". For the user it looks like streaming but they are built on BitTorrent p2p.
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