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Where and how to get ears unblocked

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I have one blocked ear. Backed up ear wax I think. I've had this before in the UK and in Germany. In the UK I went to a local health centre and a nurse cleared the old wax. In Germany, I have once gone to a HNO doctor who charged me €150 for the priviledge. Can a simple de-schmalzing be done anywhere other than a HNO here?


HNO would be my only guess. didnt think they would charge for it though. my kid had her ear cleared a few weeks ago and the doc gave me an ear full (get it, thank you, thank you, your a great audience) about using q-tips to clean ears.
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Go to your doctor and either get it done there or get an Überweisung to a specialist. There's no reason you should be paying for this, this is why you have health insurance.
150 € seems to be on the high side. Last time I paid about 65 € (as a private patient, i.e. already at 2.3x rate).

The cheaper and more convenient way:

- buy Ceriminex ear drops and a syringe with a large (5 mm) nozzle in an Apotheke

- put 1 drop into your ear, let it flow down to the eardrum and wait 5 - 10 min

- flush ear with warm water and syringe

(all at your own risk, but this is exactly what the HNO does)
to clarify, sure the costs will be paid by health insurance but I pay first. I'll try the 'GP' route next. Thanks for the tip capslock.
Car keys. Cheap and the ladies in your life will love you for it.

This post does not necessarily constitute good advice, either medical or relationship...
Just for your information: Ear wax is called "Ohrenschmalz" in German. Germans find it funny if you call it "Wachs". Oh and I would never go down the DIY road.
Have you tried the Apotheke? I don't know about here, but in Australia, you can get a tube of stuff to squirt into your ear that destroys the earwax - as it does so, oxygen gets released and it sounds like popcorn popping.

Dirt cheap and does the job, but you have to do it when at home, as a short time after applying it there'll be a sudden weird feeling in your ear and the wax pisses out down the side of your head.
Just a quick word of advice... before you use any ear drops, see a doctor. I thought I had this when I worked in London, but it was not build-up... it was a blockage on the other side of the eardrum--therefore not treatable from the outside in. If you use the drops without a blockage, as the UK doc informed me, you run a huge risk of burning the actual eardrum.
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Warm a teaspoonful of olive oil and pour a few drops into your ear. My mother used to stuff some cotton wool in my earhole to ensure the olive oil stayed in, although I would not necessarily recommend this part as a "medical" procedure. What I do know is that the olive oil will clear the wax in a few days. I am also pretty sure you can buy olive oil drops in the pharmacy.
Depends which drops you use - some are not acidic, others use some acid stuff. Nevertheless - see a doctor.
Just for your information: Ear wax is called "Ohrenschmalz" in German.
Eww doesn't that mean 'ear lard'?
Hydrogen peroxide will also melt earwax. Instructions here:

If you are into naturopath stuff, there's also ear candling. My sister in law was doing this for a while. You need special candles that are hollow inside. Stick the candle in the ear, light it and the flame will suck up the wax from your ear and into the candle. You will be treated to the sound of sizzling as your ear wax burns. It's really neat.
We just watched the MythBusters where they wanted to see if ear wax burned like bees wax or other wax. They collected ear wax from everyone working on the show (sorry, this was one of the grossest things I have seen them do, second only to the dead pig rotting in the corvette show) and tried to make a candle out of it. Guess, what, it didn't work.
I've had a lifetime of this but never had a syringe process. I'd go to the chemist first and see what they have on offer. I've certainly had drops with acid in (you can smell it, like vinegar) but it certainly does the job although (as above) a seemingly endless stream of foul-smelling brown gunk was unleashed and what it gave me while taking effect was very loud tinnitis (pulse / whooshing blood sounds).
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