Where to buy thick winter sweaters - Munich

Fisherman's sweaters, Nordic sweaters, etc...

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Since I am utterly scared shiteless about the fact that it's going to be in the -10's next week, I decided it's time to go out and do the needful - buy thick winter sweaters. I haven't seen them at places like H&M because, let's face it, they aren't the most "mainstream fasionable" things. But since I'd like to be alive to see the springtime, I need them. Does anyone know any stores in Munich where I can get these thick cable-knit sweaters? Not just normal cable knits, but THICK. As in "I'm going ice fishing" thick.

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-10. Jesus wept. Are you some sort of southern girl wuss?

Wait till -20 in February.
Thanks for the help, Pas. You're always such a gentleman.
You could also try sports shops where they sell clothing for going up mountains where it's proper cold. If you're that big a wuss, and I fear you are, then function will come before form.
There's O'Leary's Irish shop at Müllerstr 37. They'd sort you out with a good thick Aran sweater though I suspect they'd be kinda pricey. Is it cold already? Really?
Well, I know a place that sells woolly socks, and I do own a stapler and some heavy duty tape, so we could probably cobble something together if you get desperate. If you don't like the end result, we could glue some random pieces of aluminium plating to it, and probably sell it on to that odd little Lady Gaga person. She's fucking weird man. Seriously weird.
I might be up for that. I love me some Lady Gaga.

No, seriously though, any suggestions NOT from the peanut gallery?
You're welcome. Sheesh!
Speaking from experience (I am very, very old!) I say forget the thick sweaters that probably won't even fit under your winter coat anyway. What you need are lots of layers - the Zwiebellook as the Germans call it. Those will keep you warmer than a single sweater would. Look for "thermo" and "atmungsaktiv". I don't know how windy it is in Munich, but up here the wind blows something fierce even if it doesn't get that cold, and windproof clothing is essential to keep that frostbitten feeling at bay.
Tip from the top. Keeping warm is about layering not the size of your woolly. And don't forget the gloves.

Edit: Like what westvan just said.

I 'may' have a spare windstopper vest at home. I can't remember whether I threw them all out when we moved.
And don't just think of yourself. Buy this!
Exactly right Pas. I'd also say that 100% cashmere would provide more warmth than a huge fisherman's sweater.
Zweibeln. Cashmere. Reindeer costumes for guineas. Got it! Now off to shop.
Polar fleece is good for lightweight and warm. Newer designs protect against wind better, but you might want to get a windproof shell jacket to layer on top. You can find such stuff at sporting goods stores.
I'm Canadian, and I'd strongly recommend a fleece toque (a.k.a. winter hat) to keep you warm, and one that covers as much of your head as possible, including your ears and forehead. In Canada, everyone "knows" that much heat escapes through you head, so you must keep it covered. Really not stylish, sorry.
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