International companies in Berlin

Is there any list?

Well googling for international companies in Berlin did not bring me any list of companies so I thought maybe some of you already know where I could find this information.

Appreciate your help.
did you try googling "yellow pages berlin" ? brings up a couple of sites where you can start a search.

if you would say what type of companies you are targetting maybe i can help you out a bit more... if it's in general.. you can check the most famous companies that come to your mind, and check for their branches... a lot of them have branches in Berlin...

Try Microsoft, HP ....
hmm thank you wassimk, actually I am more interested in international companies in consumer goods branch. just found a list in Toytown's munich branch, thought maybe there is also one for berlin which would be good for a start.
Not sure if i am being helpful or not, but here are a links i found for you:

orphan link

let me know if i can do more for you...
some of the companies listed in Munich could have a branch in Berlin... worth a shot as well...
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