Funny German names

People's names, street names, etc.

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You won't beleive, I have many people in my office, with "that" as name.

I can't post names here, but still you can see snapshot of address book...

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There is on Frankfurter Ring a Chinese take-away called Kofuku, just try pronouncing that with a G instead of K
Irish Lassie
O.K., O.K., my turn now. This is not a person's name - but  why is Vick's nasal spray / Vapo rub spelt with a 'W' here in Germany?
Not only is it spellt wit a "w" - which is understandable because of the procnunciation, they have also dropped the "s" (otherweis ich would be similar to "wichs" which is something not everyone likes to rub on their chest, if you know what I mean...

An Ex-Collegaue of mine said he had a neighbour called:

Arschturenbombach (spelling is probably not correct)

I don't know if it's true, but he swears it is...
When two German entities file a joint tax return it's called an "organschaft". The parent entity of the 2 is called the Dominant Member.

yeah, ok, in tax consulting you have to take your humor where you can...
neon blue
my boss is called Herr Dreyer,
and none of the germans see the funny side
I am called Herr Ball. meh.
I always thought the surname "Krebs" was rather unfortunate, whether you translate it as crabs or cancer, but the germans seem to think its fine.
I'm going to a wedding next month. Groom's last name is Muckenfuss. I shit you not.
one of my colleagues has the surname Lipp.

so he's Herr Lipp.
Not a German name, but an english one. My dentist in Australia was called Dr Hackett.
And boy did he hack at those teeth.
Owain Glyndwr
my ear nose throat doctor was called Dr Kotz.
I know of a guy called Herr Hundhausen. Mr. Doghouse!

Mind you the name kennel may be quite common in English speaking countries as well.
saw a sign at a U-bahn station that said 'FUCKUALL' next to the station's name 'Quiddestrasse' on the U5

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We had a female friend who got married about 2 years ago and took the husbands name of Titz. Don't know why she bothered...
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